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by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 16th of March, 2016

The dark side of life

Just the other day I was asked ‘What are the 3 most important nutrients for us to be really healthy?’ Funny sort of question someone using the word ‘nutrients’ I thought. Perhaps the word is somewhat overused and skewed recently with all the phoney nutritional and medical advertising blurb we get to drown in now days.

I didn’t have to think for more than a split second. “Vitamin C” I replied. “Vitamin C and sunshine.”

“What’s the 3rd one?” I was asked.

I thought for a moment longer and replied “My wife”. The questioner looked at me in a funny way so I added ‘My wife tells me what to do and think’ and then I laughed to myself but also a bit out loud. Yes, Happiness is I think the 3rd most important nutrient known to Man. Sunshine on the outside. Sunshine on the inside and happiness all over. These have to be the 3 most important life sustaining nutrients known.

Then I recalled something very sad on a recent a trip to the market, I was waiting for a Red light to change, and walking along the footpath (perhaps walking is the wrong word) was a young woman, I think this person may have been a young woman but in fact it was hard to tell. Yes I’m sure this person must have once been female. This ‘person’ was not actually walking or even shuffling, she wore Jandels and was unable to lift her feet. She was sliding them along the pavement in order to move forwards. Her calf sagged over her feet and ankles, her neck was larger than her head, her head was so small compared to the upper body and middle, and her rump was so large it would have been impossible for her to have seen her feet for many years. The small head on what was obvious a young woman once, immediately made me think of the impending onslaught we have been programmed to expect from Zika.

This virus scientists have ‘discovered’ is able to be carried by Culex quinquefasciattus, a mosquito that has been known in New Zealand since the 1840’s. Scientists here have proven the Zika virus can be carried in this mosquito. The question is; how do they know? They know because they can genetically introduce this virus into this mosquito family which they must have done to be able to prove it, which they announced they had done. So after all these years a common mosquito in Brazil or from somewhere in Africa suddenly becomes a rampant carrier of this nasty modernised virus. It’s just very convenient and all too predicable considering the organised media storm that has erupted over Zika all of which has the fingerprint of the eugenists objectives embracing the ‘outcome’ all too clearly and now being embraced by those international organisations who are managed by the same evil, or as Pope Benedict XV1 declared, satanic people. Those gene manipulating scientists.

Are we to believe this virus has been just about dormant in Brazil for hundreds of years and suddenly out it pops. It’s a pandemic in the making we are being programmed into believing. Those at risk ‘we’ will vaccinate and sterilise to ensure they cannot reproduce with this brain reducing head shrinking virus. Strangely we have a vaccine ready, just not yet ‘approved’. A vaccine which will ensure no one can produce children who maybe at risk of giving birth to offspring having small heads and a small brain. Such offspring would be a throw back to somewhere in time when the human brain had not developed into todays modern Man’s with a 1.5kg -1.6kg, 80 billion plus neurone brain. Such an offspring would be likely to produce some sort of regressed state taking the human race back perhaps 400,000 or 800,000 years or however long ago it was when the human brain was only the reduced size that occurs when the unborn child is infected by Zika.

We know that population control, family planning, sterilisation, and the development of the master race are the objectives behind the racist eugenics movement who have in recent decades renamed their research Genetics to throw us off their actual intent. The eugenists intent not only remains the same, but is more fervent and more corrupting and now today exercises almost total control over the world’s food production through genetically modified seeds with herbicides, pesticides, agri-ceuticals, farm-a-ceuticals, pharmaceuticals and political back handers with their world banking influences, along with ownership or control and oversight of news, eduction, ‘genetic’ research and ‘approved’ scientific texts. What we have not been told is that genetic research has found the ‘brown’ gene and has developed a manmade inducer hormone that recognises the ‘brown’ gene. When this ‘inducer’ is added to a vaccine, which when vaccinated into a ‘brown’ female human body, it can selectively turn off that body’s natural hCG using a carrier; a tetanus microbicide that has been genetically modified into an altered (synthetic) hCG hormone carrier. This technically makes it a manmade synthetic virus manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories and which can be hidden in almost any vaccine for use on humans and possibly other life.

hCG is a fertility hormone in women. Yet when the body detects the presence of tetanus, the body forms an anti-fertility antibody host which destroys human female hCG (fertility). The body attacking its own natural hCG naturally. This new vaccine hormone/virus, with this ‘brown’ gene locating inducer, when it detects the ‘brown’ gene will turn this dormant hidden part (the new manufactured hormone/virus) of the vaccine ‘On’ to ensure the recipient becomes sterilised for life or at least 10 years which is the life of tetanus immunity. So this ‘abortion’ vaccine is administer 3 times to ensure the vaccine’s hidden function can be guaranteed to take. The female’s body will then attack its body’s own natural hCG thinking that it is being invaded with tetanus and will also produce anti sperm antibodies which attack and kill off any chance of child bearing through causing spontaneous abortion. So it is no surprise that Zika has suddenly become a virulent ‘medical’ concern in countries where the population is predominately ‘brown’ skinned. The fact that experiments in New Zealand with our commonly found compatible mosquito is also no surprise when this mosquito is common in the northern parts of this country.

This breakthrough genetic research was first announced in September 2001 by the then head of Epicyte a small biotech company that soon became swallowed up through a few corporate manoeuvres with this technology eventually finishing up becoming available through a WTO sponsored industry wide agreement with all the GMO pharmaceutical companies including the Monsanto family of Rockefeller companies along with Dow and others. Since then the Epicyte science team has been tasked with finding other antibody microbicides to genetically alter plants with contraceptive ‘technologies’ starting with genetically altering corn as the GMO seed companies internationally now have a stronghold on that seed supply along with wheat, soybean, rice and cotton.

Of course you may ask how do we know about this September 2001 announcement? It was advised to the WHO, a quasi eugenics organisation, who rather just accepted the technology without comment because there is a number of World Trade agreements since the GATT under supervision from the WTO politically allowing the unrestricted introduction of genetic food and pharmaceutical technology with only ‘toothless’ oversight so the WHO allowed this technology out into general use by everyone. The new ‘Tetanus’ altered vaccine had already been trialled on humans before 2001 anyway, quietly being tested on unsuspecting and uninformed subjects in the Philippines sometime before 2001 where there is a large US Government protected GMO testing and supply facility. By 2016 this vaccine technology had produced positive results and therefore the time for the next phase of this satanic event could be set in place. With the Brazilian Olympic Games due to take place what better area of the world in which to create mass hysteria in and around. Hence this is the perfect place and the perfect time for Zika’s arrival. The absolutely perfect storm and at a time when the world is also distracted with the silly shenanigans of the US Presidential elections. The time to introduce Zika could not be better if they had planned it. A ‘Brown’ Roman Catholic country under world wide Press scrutiny because of the games. Nothing in the world could be more serendipitous for the advancement of the eugenics objectives world wide so let the mass hysteria begin!. This is the turnkey in the science that will finally begin the process of the development of the Master Race, the eugenists ultimate goal.

So just how did this Zika virus happen along. Much the same as Ebola, Tamiflu, Norovirus, modern measles, H1N1/2/3/4/5 etc. They are released. They are held in quarantined pharmaceutical laboratories in readiness for use in the development of biological warfare armaments and released from time to time to support pharmaceutical drug and vaccine sales. They just have to ensure the correct virus is released into a small unsuspecting local community where hygiene standards are low and where tourist visit. But in the case of Zika it will have been synthetically produced to become antagonistically virulent when shot into the genome of the Aedes mosquitos using the Gene Gun (canon) and this will have made the mosquitos both aggravated and unstable as is any life form that assimilates any controlled genetic DNA disturbance, when it becomes released into any living environment to breed. Mother Nature will then do the rest. We know this through actual experience now that our herbicide and pesticide laden foods and ‘protective’ vaccinations all sending our DNA signals into disturbed patterns causing murder and mayhem throughout society. That link is well established. We know this from experience because whitetail spiders go crazy on daddylonglegs venom. The whitetail high on that venom will chase us or its other prey until it can relieve itself of the venom, and the daddylonglegs venom is the most virulent venom on the planet. The Aedes mosquito is an obvious carrier for Zika and when introduced to each other genetically, the mosquito has become very distressed and destabilised by this genetic interference. Goodness knows what have these people done. But they do know precisely what they can achieve through this technology.

It was Pope Benedict XV1 on Easter Friday, April 6, 2004 who attacked the geneticists declaring them and their work insane and risky, stating genetic manipulation of DNA as being a satanic mores carried out by those who play at being God. “They attempt to take God’s place, without being God”. Zika is that proof.

So what caused Zika to arrive now, It’s a good time, Ebola under control, the northern hemisphere flu season is passing so what could be more opportune. Zika, it’s such a good excuse to increase the sterilisation of young women before they reach child bearing. There are already mass sterilisation programmes running in our schools using such vaccines as Gardisil and others and now Zika appearing in mainly Roman Catholic aligned ‘brown’ countries where birth control and family planning is non-existent or illegal and general hygiene is a bit suspect. Zika is a wonderful helper in spreading the objectives of the geneticist who once were called eugenists, their purpose to control and provide their solutions to the world’s over population, poverty, starvation and ‘ignorance’. They are racist now and always have been.

What the new American President will bring to this debacle is unknown. But should that President be pushing to loosen the grip of the eugenicists who currently control the thought processes of the World Health Organisation, FDA, the EPA and most departments of state, should he or she, attempt to take control of these evil sciences and ban them back to the laboratory will no doubt meet the same fate as JFK, and the VP will be once again be put in charge. Whoever becomes the Running Mate we can all be assured that, that person will be either a eugenicist or will be funded by them, just as Barak Obama was provided with a Secretary Of State who oiled those wheels so that the eugenists objectives would not become side tracked.

The questioning I started this blog with was due to having seen an horrendously oversized young female with a very undersized head dragging herself along the street. With Zika now on our doorstep is this a sight we are to see more often? Our current Government have at least 3 ministers of the crown whose heads are out of proportion with their bodies. Have we already missed the boat on this one? It appears the misfits are already in charge. Has this damaging science been underway above ground in open view where no one is looking. It’s been there for some time and we are being mentally plundered so as not to be able to see what should be obvious to us. The eugenists play on fear, they are experts in the frailty of human weakness. Their second love maybe stronger than their ancient racist objectives: politics, money and information. Pope Benedict XV1 claiming these people are satanic needs to be heeded or they will continue to haunt us and hunt us until we are mentally, physically, economically, socially, pharmaceutically and environmentally paralysed and only they remain. They have gone from burning the books to printing them. The new dark ages are upon us.

The one overriding concern has to be our human health. When our immune function is working properly there is no known virus in nature that exceeds the power of the human immune function. So there is no excuse to pretend shooting any vaccine virus into the human body does anything other than harm human health.

Have these genetic sciences found a way to produce a virus those power exceeds that of our natural immunity?

Have the eugenists finally found a way to end it all on their terms?