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The Sweet Tooth

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 18th of February, 2016

The tap root of evil

One day, each of us must face our maker. On our way into this world our beginning seems to be rough. We cry on arrival letting the world know we have been pushed or dragged out of our nice warm safe place, the womb. From there we face an uncertain life but our end is at least equal if not more traumatic than our birth today. We are bigger and the pain of our final parting it seems now is relative to our size. Our parting this world in peace is also now no longer an option. Now we must be drugged to our eyeballs to avoid the pain. The man made pain.

Everyones experiences of death is different, but once someone close is at rest, all their pain and suffering departs and peace finally descends for them. The bit in-between the beginning and the end ‘is a life’. Throughout that it is important for us to do what we can to be happy and for us to be happy during our lives we have to ensure those around us are cared for and happy. Unhappiness in others leads to unhappiness generally. When someone close is suffering we too cannot be free enough to attain our own personal happiness. We are truly all connected more that most of us realise. And so good health throughout life goes hand in hand with a happy life.

To avoid suffering we each must do what we can to ensure family, friends and colleagues, as much as we are able to influence them, remain happy, and secure and be respected. Importantly they must, just as unselfishly, respect us. So we strive to live honestly, and in today’s techno world our personal integrity is constantly being tested. Trust in today’s diverse, detached, rapidly changing robotic money obsessed world is difficult to always maintain. Today we can never be sure of where our food and things come from, how they arrived and whether or not they can be trusted. With marketing and spin doctoring, information is the thing we are least able to trust now.

Our having a ‘Sweet Tooth’ is generally an indication of a dangerous addiction lurking somewhere but no one will ‘officially’ tell us that. Yet the sweet tooth is a serious addiction. Many addictions are life shortening and our ‘Sweet Tooth’ indicates there is a powerful controlling influence, a chemical short circuiting in the body, that leaves us susceptible to some form of chronic ill health and unhappiness waiting to pounce.

I recall a boss I had in the 1960’s and 70’s. He had had a troubled upbringing. He learnt a trade and became a very effective ‘reader’ of people. He entered corporate life somewhat dishonestly and learnt the ropes of management on the day. His personality issue lead him to having treatment by a prominent psychiatrist who at the time in the 1960’s, was experimenting with psychoactive substances which today have become somewhat embedded in current psychiatric treatments. My boss was part of a world wide experimental psychiatry programme at the time using LSD. (Acid). Those psychiatric substances are today the basis of most ‘illegal’ drugs and the base products today are still produced in the same pharmaceutical factories (laboratories) from where doctors are supplied with their drugs.

I was asked if I would be interested in undergoing tests with LSD as part of the wider experiment. My boss explained to me he was being treated in an upstairs room overlooking the Avon River. He described to me some of his sensations he had under gone. He felt he wanted to step out of the window and fly away. Then when ‘coming down’ from his ‘trip’ he entered some dark place, somewhere where the colours and patterns were all crazy, things he had no actual words to properly describe. He was a lovely man with a troubled mind and a troubled life.

Being someone who likes their ‘feet’ on the ground, I declined to take any part in the experimental LSD programme although I have had dreams of being able to fly. Wouldn’t that be fantastic but it is just part of those strange dreams most of us have. Even today I am still weary of all drugs, whether legal and illegal. The human body or our environment has never been a suitable place for chemical concoctions. The medical advice to take drugs is simply an excuse for maintaining poor lifestyle and food choices.

Like most families, mine has the odd character although in general we are a sincere lot sprinkled with every known oddity as are most. So I will talk briefly about one family member who eventually successfully attempted suicide and although tragic, was not an unexpected outcome. It was possibly a matter of just when. My family member was a sincere and very decent person who we all admired. Hard working and leading a moderate, well organised life. During his PhD university year he was flatting with a group students some of whom were experimenting with ‘dropping acid’. I was later to learn that one of the students, as a joke, had placed LSD into my relatives drink. My relative was never the same and this was the beginning of a down hill slide to his eventually finishing it all.

Some years later I was to become acquainted with the student flat mate who told me it was he who had put LSD into my relatives drink as a joke. I don’t believe that student now, and until recently a family man, ever knew what the final outcome of his silly actions produced. Yet oddly enough, he married a very nice girl from a decent family. Later she kicked him out when it was discovered he had been cheating on his ACC returns and was jailed and struck off for criminal fraud. Which is all something to do with the test of integrity. Something that he had failed with as a student.

The work on psychoactive chemicals in the 1950’s and 60’s was a serious, although looking back, an irrelevant, ever silly experiment. It was in the 1950’s Abram Hoffer, the then President of the Royal Canadian College of Psychiatrists in association with Linus Pauling and his other close friend Albert Einstein, when discussing using LSD, it was pointed out that the LSD molecule and Vitamin C appeared to be very similar. This lead Abram Hoffer to begin treating his schizophrenic and alcoholic patients with high dose Vitamin C and he included Vitamin B3 and B6 Niacin and Pyridoxine. Abram Hoffer’s success at ‘cure’ or healing his patients is now a matter of record. He proved that Vitamin C did something in the body that assisted people to behaving in a normal manner and able to begin to exercise some degree of self control. What also occurred was that his patients who were being treated medically for other life threatening conditions due to their life style began to recover. These 3 men, all now deceased, today remain at the forefront of natural treatments for cancer and other life threatening conditions.

Yes today we know so much more. These 3 men opened many ‘doors’ to real true knowledge. Knowledge with integrity. Truth. The real truth, Perhaps not the ‘whole’ truth but certainly ‘nothing but the truth’.

We know that when we look through a powerful electron microscope at a living cell functioning in the body we can see how it works. We know that each of our 10 trillion cells are all semi-self regulating. They each have their own immune function, their own intelligence and their own memory. Each one is part of a huge team of cells that control the life and health of an organ, our tissue, bone, teeth etc. Each cell in the team knows when to act, when to rest, when to repair and when to divide and reproduce and when to kill the old cell it is replacing. It also knows if it cannot act responsibly within the team that form the organ when the cells will receive incorrect or inadequate nutritional ‘messages’, thus creating cancer cells. Just the same as any addict or person taking any form of psychoactive drug, they also cannot follow accepted norms.

Our cells instructions are ‘printed’ (fixed) in our cells DNA. The instructions of when and how to act, originate from the soil and sunlight. When the cell requires feeding it takes hold of the phytochemical nutrients which travel in our body fluids. These nutrients instruct our cells RNA to act when these nutrients enter their nutrient chemical instructions values into the ‘gates’(receptors) that are nutrient specific in the surface of each living cell. Depending on the strength and nutritional value of the nutrient chemical available, that determines how the RNA understands and can carry out the DNA’s instruction.

When a cell is needing a specific chemical nutrient, the cell extends into the body fluids that carry those nutrients around the body, an articulated arm with a gripping end that contains the chemical signal which will attract the nutrient required. Once the arm locates and secures the nutrient it then presents that nutrient to the correct ‘gate’ in the cells surface where the nutrient is metabolised into the cell’s nucleus. This is in exactly the same way as we feed ourselves. We pick up food with our articulated arms and place the food in our mouths. So as the guardians of our bodies cells, our cells are relying on us to present our body with the chemical nutrients that originate in the soil and from sunlight which is how the life of our cells continues.

Therefore our bodies either use, store, or eliminate the nutrients as are required. As our cells function on nutrient chemicals we know that our food must be fully mature and strong, for us to be fully mature and strong, but soils also contain natural toxic pesticide chemicals to protect plants while they grow to fully maturity. Then when the plants are ready for us or our domestic animals to consume, they no longer require the soil borne toxins to protect them, so they eliminate them back onto the soil or bind them into their seeds to be available to protect the next crop. Our bodies have a small residual capacity, that seems to be a part of our bodies immune function, to eliminate any of these natural toxins that come through in our plant food. So our consuming any grains and seeds require us to carefully chew these foods into a liquid and ensure our diet contains only a small percentage of any such foods, otherwise our metabolism becomes impeded and our health declines. We can though for that filtering process, first feed ripe healthy grains and seeds to our domestic animals/birds who have the grinding and digestive structure to both metabolise and eliminate these toxins so they retain in their fat and blood only the nutrients we must have,which is why they are our basic foods. When our metabolism is slowed down by these toxins building up because our diets now are overblown with essentially non-human foods, and now in the event of man made introduced toxins into our food chain, we become sluggish, so our mental processes switch us into addictive coping behaviours and these lead eventually to violent and psychotic responses.

The one nutrient every cell in our body must have is Vitamin C. This vitamin is the sunshine for our internal body cells in the same way that we must have sunlight, Vitamin D 3 sulphate, for the external surface of our body. This being a hormone (Vitamin D is fat soluble) rather than a vitamin, and together these ensure every single cell in the body can work. No sunshine, we die. Vitamin C is mainly our body’s housekeeper. It sweeps the cells surfaces clean of toxic and other inflammation causing rubbish that can build up on the cells surfaces and because Vitamin C is water soluble it acidifies the water fluids, flushing the cell surfaces, ensuring the gates for the cells nutrients are functional at all times. For this, Vitamin C has a multi chemical signalling make-up ensuring it is the body’s primary co-factor for all water soluble nutrients.

Unfortunately sugar contains all the signals that does vitamin C except it is chemically more powerful. When the bodies cells reaches out for the vitamin C and it is either not available or if sugar is present in large quantities, the cells use the sugar, which being a preservative, blocks proper cellular metabolisation processing, eventually causing a sugar addiction because the body becomes desperately seeking Vitamin C to clean up the body and keeps being attracted to an increasing sugar and carbohydrate intake.

The sweet tooth leads to most addictive behaviours. And most addictive behaviours lead to a shortened life and making death a rather more traumatic painful event than it ought to be. Abram Hoffer and his associates began the scientific understanding of the value to our life of Vitamin C. Since then we have learnt so much more about this nutrient vitamin. Of course the food and pharmaceutical industries have learnt this also and have hijacked this scientific knowledge providing vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. A chemical they synthesise from corn starch and all the corn starch they use is from a GMO crop process. Through this the body sucks up and stores the introduced herbicide and other chemicals including the powerful and deadly synthesised B.T. toxin that plants are supposed to obtain naturally from the soils. This so called ‘vitamin C added to food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and most vitamin supplements will do more damage to the human body more than any value they provide in the long term.

We correct our sweet tooth by increasing our intake of natural vitamin C until the addiction pangs wane. In the end it all comes down to the integrity, honesty and care with which treat our body’s cells with. Choosing how we die is now in the hands of the supermarket. Our doctors today are taught how to adjust us mentally and physically with chemicals so we can continue consuming and increasingly pollute the planet with man made chemicals. Why? Only for money. Doctors have become a major political economic tool of industry and Government.

No one will fix our ‘sweet tooth’. We have to go that course on our own.