Restoring Wellness Through Anti-ageing Processes

Natural mental and physical wellbeing is what is needed for a long and happy life. Nothing can beat it


by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 10th of November, 2015

Dem Bones - Osteoporosis - arthritis. Turtle and the Tom Cat

This blight on modern man is not at all well understood. It seems we miss and misinterpret most of the telltale signs. What is it, with all our education, our knowledge and science that makes us ignore what we clearly see and feel. When our bones begin to fail they certainly let us know. Osteoporosis can be clearly seen in children sometimes as young as 3 years old.

Recently when walking to the shops, just before lunch. The day was bright and sunny, temperature in low twenties and coming towards me was a young Indian or Asian man, perhaps in his late teens, dressed head to foot, sunglasses, hat, hoody up almost covering his face, sleeves down to his fingers. He, of all people, should at every opportunity, be gaining UVB rays to strengthen his bones. He is a perfect example of a soon to be,not just sick, but grossly obese, frail individual and will be expecting someone else to look after him and pay the bills later in his life if he manages to makes it that far.

So perhaps I will start with a few of the signs that tell us we have a calcium absorption deficiency. These conditions in the medical world are called symptoms, but ordinary everyday people can see them just as well. Many of the conditions that highlight the signs we get, we seem, all too ready to ignore. There are also other drivers or causes that relate to these issues occurring throughout our lives damaging the body’s framework. Our bones, they are the things that allow us to stand up, sit down, chew food, climb trees and run around living life.

Osteoporosis and arthritis conditions begin with these signs

  • Bone spurs
  • Kidney stones
  • Tendonitis
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Pixie shaped or small jaw
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Brittle bones
  • Broken bones
  • Twitching limbs
  • Itching
  • Eczema
  • Joint pain
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney failure
  • Dizzy spells
  • Fainting
  • Carpel tunnel
  • Rickets
  • Cramps
  • Snapped tendons
  • Sudden death, and the list goes on.

Actually there are around 80 different serious conditions all directly related to lack of quality usable absorbable bioavailable calcium in our diet. There are other things we don’t see such as cell division which is important in reducing cancer risk and which supports fertility. Calcium also helps the body detoxify lead, cadmium and is both synergised and antagonised by fluorides.

Calcium is a primary element in every neurological and physical, thought and action our bodies make. We can go to sleep without adequate bioavailable calcium our system, we can’t always wake up unless there is sufficient bioavailable calcium in our bodies for us to do so.

There is no such thing as inherited osteoporosis or inherited arthritis.

Supplementing with calcium is mostly unwise

When calcium is not bioavailable as is the case with almost all supplements, and is a special concern when supplemented in foods by food manufacturers, such as milk, the great majority of the supplement is unable to be utilised in our bones causing constipation, depression and insomnia.

Unbioavailablity of supplemented calcium also plays a role in the cause of autistic spectrum disorders such as ADHD. These calcium supplements build up in the bloodstream allowing heavy metals to become transported to the brain. In all these cases blood tests always confirm we have plenty of calcium available.

The trouble with the blood tests is, they don’t tell what is useable, and they don’t tell us what are the calcium levels in the bones, so medical treatments can cause calcium deficiency issues to escalate by prescribing a treatment that is the reverse of what is required. Then later in life,when the bones start thinning (after the age of 25) and become porous we become life long ATM machines for the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers who sell us products that make the bones bigger, but don’t increase the density or strength leaving us more frail and more inclined to having breakages just from trying to get out of a chair.

For our body to absorb calcium we must have adequate hydrochloric acid in the stomach and protein with animal fats in the diet. Anti-acids taken for reflux are disastrous for calcium uptake.

Biounavailable calcium from foods that have been supplemented also play a role in the onset of dementias, destruction of joints and bones and calcium build up in the body in arteries and in venous channels. This is a significant cause of accelerated ageing just as much as is an inadequate bioavailable calcium intake.

Calcium, like all minerals, to work must have synergists that support and allow the calcium to be taken into the bones. Then there are antagonist minerals and foreign substances that stop calcium from being taken up even where there is plenty of good quality bioavailable calcium rocking around in our blood stream.

For calcium to be bioavailable it must come ‘packaged’ with its synergists. Following are some main ones:

Protein . Which requires animal fat to be usable.

Sodium. Salt. Table salt contains aluminium, a toxic poison. Table salt should never be used and is found in all manner of processed foods.





Vitamin A & D

Infrared and full spectrum light

Our bodies must also have adequate adrenal hormone production.

Antagonists on the other hand are:

Sugar and sweeteners

Caffeine is a diuretic that stimulates the adrenals but in doing so, over time, weakens them.

Phosphoric acid and acids from foods and fruits. Phosphoric acid is what is used in fizzy or soda drinks. It destroys the stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) so not only destroys bone maintenance it causes obesity and diabetes. The worst of all combinations is the cola drinks which have high sugar levels and the cola makes the drink heavily diuretic. This then is the single most powerful manufactured food product destroying our long term bone health.

Strontium. This is sometimes used in a supplement to assist calcium uptake although the practise of doing so appears to have lost favour with many professionals.

Lead and Cadmium These compete in the body for calcium binding sites as they use the same enzymes, calcium needs for its uptake. Cadmium also hardens and weakens arteries so has other damaging health outcomes. Cadmium is leaches from red plastics which are very dangerous for food storage.

Phytates which are found in uncooked grains and in bean dishes, and excessive levels of oxalic acid which we get from eating large quantities of spinach, cranberries and rhubarb and also drinking a lot of tea.

For us to absorb calcium, it must be organically bound with amino acids which are proteins co-factors. Calcium is the most difficult of all minerals for our bodies to usefully obtain unless we acquire it from good quality food.

Homogenising and pasteurising milk destroys the fragile balance of the synergists that allow milk to provide usable bioavailable calcium so is not a good source of calcium. These processes are a known cause of stoke, diabetes and other life threatening conditions.

The only fully bioavailable calcium supplement I am aware of that is proved bioavailable and is bound with its synergists, is prepared in a process called Oligofructose Complex. This process is patent proven and trademarked to a single company. The product is available in New Zealand.

The Turtle and the Tom cat

But then there is another twist in the story about calcium. Our bones fully replace themselves very slowly and naturally every 10 years. They are our turtle, slow, forgiving and reliable. Our bones produce our replacement red blood cells that carry oxygen and iron around the body. They also produce the white blood cells that constantly rebuild the immune function who fight our battles to maintain our health every millisecond that we are alive. So our bones like all other of our body parts have their own system of intelligence. Although our bones are the slowest reproducing of all our body parts, they are also the strongest, so it is they that hold our body together through the storm of life.

They are the turtle within and as with the old saying, ‘to turn turtle’, when our bones cannot support our primary body functions due to a lack of usable calcium from our diet, they turn turtle on us and begin to rob our protein from muscle tissue like a thieving scavenging Tom cat, sucking in the protein and fat through the connective tissue we call tendons, (the tendons connect the muscle to the bone). This weakens the tendons and the liver is then charged with converting our body tissue into calcium carbonate. Unfortunately this calcium is not much more usable than is the rubbish that we get from supplements and while blood tests will show we have plenty of calcium in the bloodstream, just not much of it is usable.

Medically we are then provided with drugs to reduce the calcium in the bloodstream by the drug binding to the enzymes and sites that enable calcium use, and so some years later our body drops stone dead from lack of medical knowledge or them not having tests that can see the calcium levels in our bones. Testing the tissue can be done pathologically once we die, or can be done through measuring the energy from the bones acupressure points using QRA while we are still alive. Most people seem to wait until they are dead before finding out dem bones, dem old bones, just ain’t what they’re supposed to be.

Finally. Who should supplement with calcium supplements: All those who have had a bone breakage at anytime in their life. Those who have any of the indications mentioned above and any person who undertakes any exercise where they raise a sweat or sweat out in the sun. They should take a quality calcium supplement. Those who are sweating should also be taking an ionically available group of 5 to 6 mineral electrolytes. The other group of people who should be taking calcium supplements are those who have had surgery of any kind. And lastly before taking any supplement a person should be tested for the particular supplement or supplements to ensure they are taking something that suits and is taken at the correct dose.

Apart from a good quality multivitamin, no other supplementation should be taken just because someone said this was good for us. Never swallow that rat.