Restoring Wellness Through Anti-ageing Processes

Natural mental and physical wellbeing is what is needed for a long and happy life. Nothing can beat it


by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 3rd of November, 2015

Prankster or Prey

I have to ask the question: Why can’t we all do better maintaining a normal body shape? Those who are just too thin, think, why don’t the rest of us just close our mouths. Then there are the others who want us to take up marathon running, going to a gym or go to the doctor for a stomach stapling. All of that seems far to drastic, as is the bullying that also occurs. Of course, exercise is great but usually only of benefit if carried out mostly outdoors. A gym is not a healthy environment and often the advice there, is less than helpful. Our ideal body shape is the shape that allows us to move and flex freely, no pain, and no supplements. Definitely no supplements. Body shape is not something we should choose for ourselves from a magazine or from some other sales pitch.

Weight control
The first secret to weight control is to find out how much it is we each should consume each day and ‘when’ and of course ‘what’. Not calories, but volume. We can measure volume very simply. When our food intake volume is right, most days, we then have 1 evacuation, once a day, about an hour after arising in the morning. It should take just a few moments, be nice and soft and just slides out with no pushing. Consuming enough food to achieve such an outcome and no more, is an indication that our food volume hasn’t produced any more waste than was necessary. Therefore the rule is: volume control. If this standard cannot be achieved because the food consumed is of such poor value, we are ingesting excess waste which is clogging up the whole digestive tract causing us to have more than 1 elimination a day. If we are achieving this easy once-a-day result and remain hungry we are not eating actual food, just products. And if we are not always buzzing bright and fully active, we are buying food from the wrong people or the wrong shop. If the food waste is coming out slowly, dry or late and stinking, there is not enough animal fat in the diet.

Sugar and Carbohydrates
Then there is sugar, and sugar also is carbohydrates. Consume no sugar or carbohydrates until after lunch.

After a full nights sleep our bodies have done all their repair work, all the waste and rubbish from our diet is now prepared and lying in the anal passage ready to be eliminated. The body’s insulin production has been shut down because the body has no further need for any more ‘energy’ to start the day. The pancreas has worked all night and is now sleeping. Consuming sugar including carbohydrates at breakfast time when our pancreas doesn’t want to produce insulin to regulate sugar ingestion so the liver dumps our sugary breakfast into storage, i.e. makes us fat unless we go out and run a marathon immediately to burn off the sugar, because the body is not going to use or digest it.

Breakfast is the time for lots of fluids. The moment we get up in the morning 2 large glasses of clean slightly warm water is essential. No food for 1/2 an hour to 1 hour after drinking water and best to wait at least 1 hour following any meal before drinking any more water. The body and organs at this time are warm and rested so don’t shock especially the kidneys with cold food and cold water. They have just spent the night cleaning up and filtering yesterdays food, so let them rest and stay warm for a little while longer. They’ll wake fully later in the day.

Breakfast is a great time for a cooked food.

Fluids: Drinking tea, coffee and other drinks are OK but no fruit juice. Fruit juice is just a glass of sugar. No soft drinks, but wine, beer, and cider are OK. But after lunch if you must.

Lunch time is the best time to eat the main cooked meat dish for the day as long as the meat is cooked in its own fat and NO cooking oils are ever used. Following a lovely fatty meat meal perhaps with a single slice of a nice piece of bread to soak up the juices off the plate. I prefer Turkish bread. Or have a piece of cake, with a cream filling of course.

Dinner then is a light meal, pasta, vegetables of course a little more meat and fat followed by a dessert.

Therefore the rule is NO sugar or carbohydrates before lunch and then only small amounts. 

Exercise. Exercise after eating will do nothing to help anyone lose weight in a healthy manner. After food, for 2 to 4 hours our bodies are busy breaking down all the food that has been dumped into the mouth. The quickest way to age a body and particularly the face is to take up vigorous exercise within 2 to 4 hours after eating. Doing so is a great way to begin the osteoporosis processes.

Hormones control body weight: To control weight, our bodies naturally contain hormones. The weight / food hormones are Ghrelin and Leptin.

Ghrelin is the important one. It’s our dinner bell. Our bodies constantly produce Ghrelin and it rings at a dull constant rate telling us our body is always hungry and looking for our next meal. That is how the human race has survived. By eating.

Leptin on the other hand is the hormone that tells us we are finished eating, so get down from the table and go to work. Leptin unfortunately is a lazy hormone. If leptin leaped into action at every sign of hunger we would never eat. Somehow Leptin knows when we are busy, so when we are working, we are burning up energy from body fat, so leptin raises up its production, suppressing Ghrelin. That way we don’t stop working when we are hell bent on getting a job finished.

Normal day to day stuff, leptin sleeps and doesn’t wake up until Ghrelin really starts to kick off. Then we really do become hungry, Ghrelin rises and rises which wakes leptin up. Then Leptin becomes alert and the moment food arrives to satisfy Ghrelin, Leptin sees that Ghrelin is distracted by the food and as Leptin is now awake, so leaps in and kills off the hunger which it is reluctant to do if not alerted by Ghrelin becoming agitated demanding lots of food. The result is Leptin spoils Ghrelin’s fun and shuts down the hungry feeling quickly, Ghrelin goes away and sulks often for hours and has to be woken up for the next meal. Now the body is exercising natural weight control.

The one food to resist at all levels are grains. Specially wheat and rice. Wheat is now technically a pathogen and is nothing more than stock food, and rice is such a complex carbohydrate it is a major food element in the thickening of our arteries causing heart failure. So these should only be consumed in small quantities and infrequently and I prefer mostly in their most refined state. In their unrefined state, our bodies don’t have the digestive enzymes to break these foods down so the body leaves them in the digestive tract where they stop other essential foods from digestion, absorption, transmission and being eliminated on time.

How we wake up Ghrelin to rise up enough to alert Leptin is to go for a brisk walk before a meal. Nothing more than a brisk walk and only for 10 minutes is the optimal time according to research undertaken at Kings College in London. 10 minutes is all it takes to get Ghrelin to start the dinner bell ringing away instead of its usual dull constant background tolling. Suddenly we are aware that Ghrelin is calling us to eat, we’re really hungry and Leptin is alert again just lying in wait to spoil Ghrelin feeding frenzy. Without raising Ghrelin sufficiently to alert Leptin, the dull continuous tolling of the dinner bell causes us to eat and snack and eat some more because Leptin is to lazy to get up and act as the dinner bell is not ringing loudly enough for Leptin to be bothered with it.