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Our Immune System?

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 29th of February, 2016

A voyage into illusory unknown territory.

Firstly let’s get the facts straight. Scientifically, biologically, medically and professionally, every day one scientist or others proves something new, something we have known since time began, something that crosses previous science knowledge about the human body and life itself. Medically and pharmacologically scientists can make the human body react to chemicals. This though only adjusts the behaviour of a few cells in a body of 10 trillion cells. This is referred to as treatment. It has never been a cure, because if chemistry could actually cure anything the hospitals would close down. In any event medicine is not developed to cure, if it was, almost no one would ever need surgery. Surgery is mostly the outcome of medicine not able to accurately treat and advise their patients how to recover, feed themselves and behave. Science just doesn’t bother with such questions or answers, so they are constantly groping in the darkness of educated ignorance. Or is that actually knowledge?

Our ‘Immune System’ honesty doesn’t exist. It’s a clever group of words that allows us to avoid realism. The truth is carefully not addressed.

Yes, our bodies and all living cells have a type of immune ‘function’ which works by a process of selection. It’s not a seperate independent system as such. In the human body we have collections of white blood cells and T cells, phagocytes and enzymes and other characters which are all part of the ‘waste management’ function with which our bodies can destroy infectious, viral and other disease and allergenic conditions that home in when we nutritionally fail our ourselves. But they do not delete intellectual conditions so science remains safe from knowetic scrutiny. Our cells must always be healthy and well enough fed to not allow their DNA instruction ‘manual’ to be influenced by radical intruders that can turn their protective cellular function OFF. When a cell is properly fed and healthy the cell is turned ON and any visiting foreign condition becomes ignored and dumped into oblivion where the bodies phagocytes may kill it and it is then consumed by enzymes breaking it down for our body to eliminate the toxic corpse that can make us sick. Our immunity is the collective effort of all the bodies cells naturally declining foreign chemicals and substances, cell access due to their ‘gates’ being nutritionally full, so access for foreign substances is denied. Our cells sort through our food for what they want and what they don’t want. What is not wanted in the body is eliminated. If the rejects don’t want to go peacefully, the body turns on additional defences and attacks. When some medications or toxic poisons enter the body these substances can turn the body’s defences against our own body and our defences begins to attack us. These are called ‘side effects’ and ‘allergies’ so we get the idea that something isn’t quite right. And medically this is still referred to as our ‘immune system’. Our immune function is a natural process of a natural life cycle. Chemists confuse our body with synthetic substances that mimic food when they try to trick our body into healing. A process our cells carry out ordinarily tens of thousands of times every second. When we are medicated with drugs our cellular function becomes weakened due to the confusion they cause and for the snake oil drugs to work they must be more powerful than anything naturally sourced from nature. Any foreign substance can only survive in the human body where the body is weakened or when the foreign allergen or substances is chemically more powerful than the human body’s natural cellular health. And the human body, when healthy, is naturally the most electrically healthy powerful unit on the planet.

If our cells are groping around looking for needed nutrient chemicals eventually they will latch onto and use anything available that is chemically near enough. Even rubbish that healthy cells would normally reject will be taken in if the cell becomes hungry enough. So it has been easy to stress our bodies by growing and protecting our food with manmade chemicals. These provide us with lots of food but with little nutrient value so our cells are constantly looking for a top up.. When we process our food and add synthetic nutrients, these are made mostly from petroleum derived products, we are then told this product, that is no longer food, is healthy and now ‘really good’ for us. And silly us believes that bullshit. Just our cells disagree and we ultimately become ill. The most high profile ‘product’ in New Zealand is cheap supermarket milk.

Vaccines, drugs, herbicides, pesticides other chemicals and household products, today are mainly sourced from petroleum and associated industries, (All pharmaceuticals are rooted in the petroleum industry. That is their history) and for them to have any effect they must be more powerful than the body into which they are being administered. That way they all must have negative side effects if they are to do what they are designed to do. Their job is in all cases to kill something living and any dis-ease is alive inside us if we are unhealthy. So these manmade chemical solutions killing us, in the end is just a natural and inevitable outcome. The theory and the spin is that they will do more good than they do harm. Any good is short term and the harm is often long term.

The issue today facing every person in the western world and other places is; are there so many manmade chemical and pharmaceutical products now being used in every facet of life on earth that the combined outcome of their use is not tolerated by an increasing percentage of people and life. This is either because their combined effects are so powerful or the human genus has become so impaired and confused due to the last 60 years of our accelerating money obsessed experimental immersion in chemical substances. So much so our reproductive processes now have to be manipulated by the same science that creates these issues. This now leads us to begin questioning the viability of the human race in the western world to survive our own sciences fragility and ignorance. Or are these outcomes deliberate?

Every day that passes we become more aware of our lack of knowetic skills in understanding the complexities of life and the more we learn the more it becomes apparent the less we actually understand or are told about life itself, Us being led by science that is lead by marketing gurus is not any sort of grand design that leads to an amazing life of longevity and happiness. Unfortunately the outcome equals more like a grand folly in which science never seeks to correct. It can’t. There are too many reputations to preserve for any truth to be permitted to come to the surface and the oily pharmaceutical science is making so much money no one is going to rock the boat. So this has become the carousel of our chemicalised life today. We live in a playground of unreality where healthy fun has been chemically policed out.

Pharmaceutical science does exactly that, it allows us to die more slowly or just destroys lives unless a new solution making more money from a new concoction is devised. This new treatment will work until is proven to fail or dangerous or replaced because the patent has expired and we are hyped to live waiting for the next latest concoction to arrive.

Why are we not as smart as the combined intelligence of our cells? The human cell is not silly. It is ‘programmed’ to survive so why aren’t we able to see what our own cells know. If we force cells chemically to survive (which is all that medical treatments do) until if and when the cell gathers up enough strength to make it malfunction again we are worse off when our folly catches up with us.

Our cells malfunctioning is their natural intelligence telling us we have it wrong. When a cat is hungry it ‘asks’ for food. It doesn’t speak our language but we understand the signs and feed it. When our cells are desperately hungry they do the same thing, they send us signs that they are unable to continue functioning under the current circumstances. Or cell signals us using illness or some other condition. Instead of us changing the circumstances, we take our cells to the doctor who is trained in pharmacology, an education built on and driven by oil industry money. Pharmacology was made popular as a side line for oil men who used oil to make ‘snake oil’ remedies before the petrol driven motorcar was made popular so the oil reserves could be exploited. This was the birth own modern pharmacology.

In later years pharmacologists experimented further with human bodies in war situations, concentration camps, and by dropping atomic bombs on Japanese cities. The bombing was a pretence of ending a war that had all but ended, just no body told the American President because the effects of nuclear radiation on the human body needed a testing ground and the atomic bomb was the instrument to deliver exactly that. Therefore the dropping the ‘bomb’ was essential to the development and treatment of cancer. Cancer has almost nothing to do with sunlight but all to do with what we eat. With these events they were able to test how to keep humans alive with little or no food and at the same time they worked out how to control killing efficiently. After dropping their bombs on Japan the bomb sites were secured and the pharmaceutical scientists went to work calculating how much radiation the human bodies immunity could safely take. What was discovered was that when a cell becomes cancerous it no longer contains that part of the cells function that controls the cells ‘gates’ because the gates tend to be damaged by radiation and accessible. These cancer cells no longer have the protection of the bodies natural feeding selection function. Therefore radiation exposure was able to be calculated at a controlled level so as not the kill any healthy, non cancer, cells, but manages to destroy non functioning cells whose gates are weakened allowing foreign substance invasion. Radiation treatment for cancer was born. Then chemo, the next step, had already been tested on the battlefields of Europe so with these could provide ongoing small doses of toxic substances that would gather up any weakened cells and kill them. Now we knew how to cause and treat cancers. So food science now becomes the target to complete the money go-round. The perpetual money cycle of introducing carcinogens into our food. This was started by renaming farming in the 1970’s to become Agribusiness. And the small farmer being slowly replaced with large corporate factory farms lead by chemical technology (agri-chemicals) rather than the 1,000’s of years of sustainable domestic agriculture.

What is patently clear, is that if a cell is healthy having been fed with good food, cancer may not occur or not until the end of a life. But the result of the lessons that had been learnt in the killing fields proved the volume of cancer and its causes can be controlled and the volume turned up at will. The food chain is the perfect carrier to ensure there is a constant stream of people requiring expensive ‘medical’ cancer treatments but this could only be enacted through factory farming technology. As treatments have become more efficient and expensive, so the volume of cancer causing agents that are ploughed back into the food chain to create more and new cancers to treat, have become more sophisticated and better targeted. Until the bombs where dropped on Japan this programme was not able to begin to be accurately calculated or implemented. So Japan had to be bombed before the US was willing to ‘officially’ end the war that had already been finished.

Biological warfare also must also have a testing ground for developing treatments and so today Ebola happening in the 3rd world was a very convenient happenstance. Or was it simply serendipitous? Today we now have the Zika virus. That is even a darker story.

It seems if we listen and follow medical advice as to how to remain healthy and well, eventually we become victims of that advice in time needing treatment for the condition which occurs exactly as we had taken advice for us to avoid such an outcome. So in the same way, pharmaceutical science needed Ebola to happen. This way they could experiment with drug treatments to combat Ebola type issues for when such a condition arrives on our doorstep. Perhaps Ebola issues are somewhere in the future to take the place of or work alongside cancer as a money making and population controlling scheme. Strangely but not unexpectedly these things always turn up just when we have been and are prepared with money making solutions on the shelf and available and ‘we’ usually test them in someone else's backyard. Ebola inAfrica and cancer in Japan. Ebola viruses are part of the biological ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that caused the gulf war.

Cynical? No. History tells us exactly this. Cancers were never a big problem for mankind until after the atomic bombs had been dropped on Japan and all the data collected and solutions began to arrive on the scene. No point in having solutions if there is no great cause. We now have the proliferation of cancers to fight just as drug and technical solutions come on tap. Cancer is the world biggest single industry world wide and very neatly embedded into medical pharmacology. Cancer is the worlds biggest scam caused and effected by intertwined branches of the same industry all owned by a few elite people who are totally untouchable, totally corrupt, totally without a conscience and funded by old oil money and new IT money.

For our immunity to be fully turned ON requires only proper clean local fresh food and sunlight to fully function. Corrupt Government policies are designed to both deny and denigrate these essential human rights. There is too much money to be gained and too much population control at stake to give up to allow that. The people who claim we have an ‘immune system’ at work are the same people who manipulate our immunity turning it OFF to take our money and place it their pocket. Our health and welfare is their ‘ticket to ride’ and our ticket to a hospital bed before making it to the cemetery.

So we should make sure we know everything about what we put in our mouth and on our bodies. Who provided it and where it came from and when. Without that knowledge we ‘roll the dice’. Is it my turn or yours today to face the fight for our life against the manmade condition they call cancer but which we know as death.

All any of us must do is ensure our immunity is properly and permanently turned ON.