Restoring Wellness Through Anti-ageing Processes

Natural mental and physical wellbeing is what is needed for a long and happy life. Nothing can beat it


by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 13th of January, 2016

The sneeze of life and the kiss of death

Gosh. I seem to have missed Christmas this year and not just due to the usual frenetic rush to finish the year off. This manic finish was heightened by my setting up a second QRA practise in Diamond Harbour. That took the Christmas rush to new heights and being a bloke I thought I could do it all with ease.

So a belated, Happy Christmas and of course what a New Year we are in for.

Now that Global Warming (climate change) is being challenged after 4,000 plus leaderless world leaders and their minions talked their heads off in Paris achieving nothing in the way of addressing anything of any worth related to ‘saving the planet’. Actually the leaders of the western world are so far in hock to the buggers who cause Global Warming (climate change), they will never be allowed to address the actual causes. That is an economic horizon too far and simply out of sight. And our tamed news media constantly trot out the sound bites that the western worlds lack of leadership have manufactured for them by the international organisations who control democratic governments world wide. Yes I know we have a democratic choice every 3 years but with our technology today we could all vote on every issue, it seems democracy can only operate and survive in the Dark Ages. We each blame the poor citizens of other countries while sheltering our own countries industries and citizens from the truth about all the crap we dump into the oceans, the air and onto the land. And all this secret protected crap is the cause of our bodies producing the accelerating out of control histamine responses we now generate.

The war on Global Warming / climate change is a corrupt phoney war where the target is you and me rather than the causes. We are the final end consumer of the crap that causes it. So it is a case of shooting the user rather than the producer. We are not the cause, but we cause it through our being offered and in our use of the personal and household products which we have been cunningly educated to believe in.

And when we use these products, the residue from them, we eliminate into the oceans which builds up and suffocates ocean life. The life which we must protect as it is the primary oxygen generation producer for the planet. The oxygen that enables us to breathe. Also, all our eliminated crap finishes up suffocating our own food chain.

Histamine production is caused by all the same crap that causes Global Warming / climate change.

Histamine is our body’s final protective battle station. It’s the body’s final chance, its last ability to defend itself against attack from environmental allergens that cause ALL inflammation in the body, and not just our bodies but the bodies of all other animal life on the planet.

Inflammation that is the root of all heart dis-ease, cancers, asthmas, skin rashes, bone dis-eases such as arthritis and osteoporosis and brain dis-eases, obesity and so on. The list goes on. 800 inflammatory conditions are all caused by the crap food and the ‘safe for us to use’ products we now use in our homes and build our homes with, use on our gardens and on our food, including with what we manufacture and wash our clothes and personal items with, plus medications. These all cause inflammation and all inflammation causes every known ageing condition. All ageing conditions lead to an early and usually uncomfortable drawn out death.

As inflammation grows in the community the dis-ease rate climbs as our bodies become less and less able to produce enough of the body’s final defensive act, histamine.

Our bodies contain a strain of digestive enzymes we have named as Amylase. As far as we can tell Amylase provides our bodies with the ability to neutralise or digest allergens and toxins from both our environment and from our food for us to naturally eliminate them. When this fails, our immune response is to produce histamine to shock the body into violently expelling the allergens, back out into the environment. When our body goes into this shock solution, we go to the chemist or doctor for an anti-histamine or some form of asthma medication. That causes our histamine awareness and production to be artificially controlled and reduced causing inflammation in our body and on our skin. How much more stupid can the human race become before completely killing ourselves off.

Histamine production is associated with our green vegetable foods.

When we eat lots of vegetables our bodies have to break down the cellulose, cellulose that can be digested and used as protein building blocks in what has become our domestic food animals, but that which we can’t naturally use, and for us to break this down our bodies use up the Amylase enzymes we need to maintain our immune defences against external allergens. The pollens etc.

Today our bodies are working so hard to digest the foods that steal our Amylase reserves this is allowing allergens to dominate. Our bodies respond by producing histamine. When we take anti histamine products our bodies respond by creating inflammation. That causes unusual food sensitives. Anti-histamines kill off our warning histamine production and so the body to protect itself must find another way to digest allergens, toxins and the indigestible foods. It therefore creates food allergies making us reject foods the body really needs because the digestion processes are over worked dealing with foods and allergens that the body finds toxic and therefore cannot also digest normal proper food. The toxic allergens completely overpower our digestion and our body knows it must eliminate these toxic products at all costs, often at the cost of the life. Then we seek medical help, they find we are allergic to the foods the body needs to be healthy and so we are warned off essential basic foods.

Of course when we buy foods that are picked before fully developed so they can be transported long distances, stored, or chemically ripened, our bodies use every available enzyme to digest or attempt to digest the humanly undigestible dead food, and over time our Amylase enzyme production weakens and finally gives up.

The result is always hay fever, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, age spots, alopecia, dermatitis, dandruff, herpes, ulcers, hives, internal tissue inflammation such as what we are told is called asthma, calcium uptake failure causing the body to be unable to efficiently replace red and white blood cells in the volume needed to maintain healthy blood and a healthy immune system. This then is followed by fatigue, obesity, cancers, heart dis-ease and every other early death and ageing sign any of us can imagine and usually dismiss.

If our bodies cannot retain or produce enough Amylase we have to obtain it from our food and if we are not getting locally produced, fully ripened, fully developed garden fresh vegetable foods grown in rich healthy soil, that never happens.

The best start in life for any child is meat and 3 veg. Lamb, potatoes, peas and carrots, and of course nice fatty gravy. Children up to the age of 25 on this basic diet get to grow strong and healthy with a rich potent immune system and then as they age, their bodies slowly run down over their next 100 years giving them a good shot at 125 happy healthy years.

The one other thing we must have, is plenty of quality sunlight on our skin. Without sunlight nothing grows strong, particularly the human frame. All the chemicals in the world cannot replace the essentiality of the vitamin D we can only derive from UVB sunlight rays.

Whoever suggested plastering chemical sunblock on our skin causing the body to fight sunlight from being absorbed into the body is a criminal. Of course once we have the sunblock on we go out into the sun and the pores of our skin open up to sweat and all they do is suck up the toxic chemicals in the sunblock causing untold damage to our health. Just read the sunblock ingredients and you’ll never place that toxic rubbish on your children again. This is just more work for the poor old depleted Amylase to fight off. It’s easy to tell they are toxic. The warning on the label tells us NOT to ingest.

Where did the human race park their brains and let the scientists tell us what is good for us and what is not. What they say is good, makes them money and makes us sick. What they say is bad for us makes us strong and saves us money so we don’t have to work so hard or so long and we don’t need medicating..

Therefore eat lots of lovingly grown food, play in the summer sunshine but don’t cook your body and have fun, laugh and love. Cooking your body is easy not to do. Place your cellphone in the sun beside you and when it has overheated, so have you. Change positions or move away from the sun just as real people are supposed to do. As we age we are slower to check our phones but then as we age, we need more sunlight to remain healthy. Wear a hat, never, ever cook the brain. The brain is a ball of fats and it is unwise to render those fats down in the sun or in any venture or treatment.

Wishing all great health and longevity. Have a wonderful New Year.