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Grey Hair

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 23rd of March, 2016

Going, Going, Gone

“Life is a bit of an auction. We have to stay in it to win it”. This week’s blog follows on from my previous blog on alopecia ‘A Head Full of Hair’. Our hair turning grey is something we do to ourselves. We do it as deliberately as getting up in the morning. By now anyone following my blogs will know I specialise in research on ageing, gathering the scientific data or the scribblings of science that uses reductionist thought patterns to understand the most basic and essential things the human body does, then I figure out what we are all still getting wrong, and blog those findings. The truth is out there!

After reproduction, ageing is the next most vital undertaking the human body does before it dies. In fact ageing and dying are the 2 events in our life we cannot avoid. So on that journey from ageing to death what is it that causes grey hair to occur?

As it turns out it is a simple short list:

  • Ageing
  • Sunlight - Lack of it
  • Nutrients - Lack of them
  • Man-made chemicals - toxins or just simple filth all of which we are deceived into believing are good for us

As one can see this is a pretty simple list; so what is so hard? The calendar years pass anyway, and all we have to do is eat a little food, get some sunshine and avoid all our modern day commercial money leaching filth much of it we have been tricked into using for cleaning. Considering most of our medicines are based around the oil industry as are most of our modern farming techniques, and washing our hands and clothes is a good thing to do except mostly the soap today is filthy chemical sludge anyway it’s hard to avoid all this filth. What we know is that science is now trying to develop more chemical ‘solutions’ and in the process genetically altering Man hoping to avoid ageing, and at the same time endeavouring to explain and avoid natural unavoidable events that only our ‘God’ understands, and they do it all for just a few dollars. Seriously there is no computer on the planet that will do such a calculation to figure out ageing. Ageing is just going to happen anyway. The work at the University College London done recently to reduce the occurrence of greying hair down to a single gene and a single nutrient so that a drug can be produced to scrounge more money from the gullible is normal everyday scamming used by pharmaceutical science. Yet ageing can be easily and naturally slowed to a trickle, it just cannot be reversed. Well, not yet and most likely never anyway.

As we clock up the biological years we become less able to carry out all manner of industrious bodily functions. Bits of us slow down and other bits speed up. This works differently for every single person on the planet so I’ll stick directly to the issues that effects hair failing to retain its colour.

Firstly red heads and blondes have finer hair than those with darker hair. Blondes we are told have thousands more strands of hair on their heads than do those with jet back thick hair. This may not seem particularly important but the hairs on our head are the tracks through which the head and head cavity excrete toxins away from the brain cavity using ‘sweating’. Those with the greatest number of hair strands have the best drainage and those with the most robust hair have the least and more resistant drainage, and those with little to no hair have even less toxic drainage sites and facilities around the head cavity.

So our thinking that blondes and redheads could be healthier or live longer may or may not be true, but the colour of their hair indicates and in fact confirms there are other known factors at play that influence hair colour other than a single gene and a single nutrient. Hair colour is related to our parenting, their bacteria that supports their hair colour and the quantity of the food nutrients that we eat that builds and support hair colour. That list is almost endless so I’m not going into it here. But obviously drainage of the sludge and toxins from the head keeps the hair roots healthy and clean and supports natural hair colour.

Every cell in the body including the hair has its own DNA, gene, instructions and each carries out their part of the programme of the life of a body. This is the measure of our total health and also the measure of our age. When we eat food we must also include ‘anti-oxidants’ to combat the increase in the body’s digestive actions that deals with food digestion and the resultant waste which creates ‘radicals’. We work hard physically and we require different antioxidants to support those physical tissue use exertions and if working with our brain they require other support again. And all the time the cells in the body must feed constantly to make all the body work very second of our life. Of course sleeping takes up other essential nutrients as the body goes into the sleep/repair mode. So during the day and night, during Summer and Winter, depending on our altitude and latitude on the planet, the weather, the work, the play, laughing or crying, concentrating or relaxed, under stress, whatever is our age, whatever is our health status, our metabolism status and our oxidation status, what chemicals are or not on or in our food today or yesterday, what chemicals we wash the clothes in we are wearing today or have applied to our bodies, all create or impede millions of electrical and reproduction transactions requiring nutritional information every second of our life. Every single electrical or reproduction transaction is judged and applied according to the strength and tone of the nutritional information the cells receive mostly from our food. And all of foods nutritional information begins its journey into our bodies in the soil. The fewer the nutrients from the soil to our food the harder the body has to work at making these communications, the quicker we age. The more nutrients from the soil to our food, the easier our body can make these communications. This slows the ageing process. The quality and availability of this food information determines how easily, quickly and effectively our brain and heart and other functions instructs our cells DNA instructions to react or not react, how they should react and at what level of action or inaction is required. Healthy fully nutrition people, talk faster, move faster, work faster, achieve more out of life and are happier, living and retain their natural hair colour for longer.

Every reaction our cells DNA make they do so in cooperation with every other cell and neurone in the body either taking part fully or partly or not at all, all in accordance with the food chemicals the cells are receiving as instructions as to what action is required or not, delivered.

As our body ages our cells our food composition should change as much as the day, the hour, the season and so on. We get older in years, our body calms down and our cells have to make the decisions as how much volume increase or reduction of each nutrient is needed to support the work of all the other nutrients that are racing around keeping us going. So when the supply is restricted due to our health status, absorption, availability, substitution or just poor food choices, which ever is current at that moment in time, our cells mostly in conjunction with our heart and brain decide which cells are needed more than others for us to stay alive and therefore should not immediately submit to the ravages of Old Father Time.

So we are given little signs that things are changing or failing for us. Declining hearing, eyesight, touch, taste, smell, a cold or flu and of course who ready needs their hair colour. When the body hasn’t enough nutrients to completely go around this time, it choses to cease supporting the genetic instruction to feed hair colour response genes to the head at the same level of excellence as it has done in the past. We cannot help but notice our hair colour changing every day so those greying hairs on the head are the best signal we can have that things have to change. And of course the degree of difficultly in getting the nutrients to the hair colour cells at the top of the body is some distance to travel so the nutrients needed get snatched up before they can get there. As time goes on and we continue not to nutritionally acknowledge this food error and another contributing behavioural deficiencies and not change our ways, the body in time shuts down the hair colour facilitation as the nutrients available are more importantly needed elsewhere if the body is to be kept alive. So it’s obvious to the body’s brain and function that the person using the body doesn’t seem to actually care about hair colour anyway. Then suddenly the body’s user wakes up and uses something only their embalmer should ever use on their hair. Hair dye. Hair dyes add a toxic level directly into the brain that a little later in life helps with the onset of loss of memory triggering conditions we have come to believe as dementia and Alzheimer’s dis-ease etc.

Science we are now told has determined that a single gene, and a single nutrient could cause our hair to turn grey. This could only be the thoughts of a disabled thinker working within the confines of the knowledge blackout that form the reductionist beliefs trying to come up with some way of changing our beliefs to those of such simplicity as to be complete fantasy. This is the pharmaceutical dark ages in action again.

Somewhere at the head of the pyramid of synergistic food nutrients required for retaining hair colour is melanin and the gene that has been discovered by scientific guesswork, yes guess work, hobbled together by juggling statistics to be directly and singularly concerned with the release of melanin specifically to retain hair colour is the gene IRF4. So all science now believes we should have a drug that turns this gene ON - again. If only life were so simple we’ed all be billionaires and know for sure there is no God. When our body has become so ravaged by malnutrition in part due to ageing, our genome group decision along with the brain and heart have turned gene IRF4 OFF (if it is just this gene that supports hair colour) so that the body may continue to survive because the nutrition that is currently the status-quo has more important work to do in another areas of the body if the body is to continue alive. And a mad scientist comes along thinking: ‘lets turn the gene ON again’. What complete madness. But then that’s medical and pharmaceutical nonsense science. It becomes crazier every day and nobody bothers to think inside the square let alone outside the square.

The other doubt anyone should have about a specific gene and melanin connection to greying hair as being questionable is that eyebrows, body hair and pubic hair all seem to retain their colour without this scientific escapade.

Our scalp is a major drainage point for the release of toxins that accumulate in the body and find their way to the brain cavity. The hair follicles have roots that gather up these toxins, the same way as a plant’s roots gather in nutrients from the soil, and we release toxins by sweating them out. The hair being the strands that the sweat travels along to remove the toxins away from the skin so they are not reabsorbed. Toxic reabsorption accelerates the ageing conditions that doctors have lots of lovely drugs waiting to treat us with so we don’t have to bother with our own health. The doctor does what all doctors are only trained to do now. Earn a living. “Doing no harm” is something that is no longer taught except to say the words, just not carry out the deeds.

So what about this melanin nutrient. Science claims it is one of the amino acids. Amino acids are co-factors that work with other substances so never works alone. But science doesn’t seem to bother with the truth. There’s no money to made if the answer is honest. When we first came ashore 285 million years ago we were little more than a blob of calcium filled jelly we have named Microbracus Dicki. Up until then we had lived on algae for however long it took to grow to 15cm and in the 285 million years since we have learnt to stand on 2 legs and grown to around 1.9 metres with a brain of about 1.5 to 1.6 Kgs with some 80 plus billions of neurones excluding the influence of the supporting friendly bacteria which would provide 10 times more cells just in and around the brain. But still not enough neurones yet to actually work things out for ourselves although we had done so in past years of life on Planet Earth. Now we defer to scientific experts trained in science funded by oil barons who have written their textbooks for them.

Microbracus Dicki lay in the sun for a million or so years and the UVB sunlight allowed the blob to grow into who we are today. Our happening is solely due to sunlight. Had there been no sunlight we wouldn't exist. The algae that produces a pink melanin tinge to our flesh which is also what protects us from the suns rays. Sunlight begins the body’s process as to how our body produces melanin in the skin, the melanin that retains and maintains skin and hair colour and amongst other things protects us from developing melanoma. Of course science tells us sunlight causes cancers. That is not actually true. Cooking our flesh and body fats, can cause some cancers, and yes the sun can cook us if that’s what we allow the sun to do. But with our bodies flooded with melanin we have some protection naturally from that happening if we also behave intelligently. No need to coat our bodies with silly cancer causing ‘sun screen’ chemicals. What absolute rot us doing so, that too is just scientific gobbledegook making money and it adds to blocking our pores from draining toxins out.

Today we see crustaceans, water fowl, especially flamingoes, crayfish, shrimp etc that live on the ocean floor consuming algae’s. This causes these pink wildlife to provide us directly with the synergists for us to produce melanin. We can of course directly consume the algae’s ourselves. I have daily one heaped tablespoon of wheat grass and one of a balanced powdered greens containing both Spirulina and Chlorella. Both are assistants producing melanin in our body. Other dark greens do provide small amounts but the quantity we must consume to maintain adequate melanin levels through old age and help maintain hair colour is vast so best to consume a few crustaceans and some high quality chlorella daily.

So working in an office or working out in a gym, denying ourselves sunlight, plastering on sunscreens when going outside and not taking an intelligent course of action to ensure the body receives the maximum direct sunlight as often as possible without cooking the body will not allow us to retain full health into old age or our natural hair colour.

As for blondes and redheads, they appear to have naturally retained higher levels of melanin than the rest of us so retain their hair colour naturally for longer.