Restoring Wellness Through Anti-ageing Processes

Natural mental and physical wellbeing is what is needed for a long and happy life. Nothing can beat it


by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 27th of October, 2015

As I start my blog, I think, let’s dive into one of our unwellness deep ends.  Depression: That great impenetrable black hole. This is one of those wellness deep ends that can seem to go down in fathoms. Strangely we dip our toes into the still waters of depression, we then slowly and surely we get sucked under through a cloud of professional help and advice which often it turns out is really only professional trial and error. Guesswork.

In general men don’t readily admit to their depression, well not until their ‘condition’ takes over because their stress can no longer be borne. Suicide seems all too often to be the quick male ‘way out’ rather than them seeking help.

Women on the other hand seek medical help and all the while sink deeper into some dark space somewhere with them slowly withdrawing from normal life. Help comes in the form chemical medications on top of other medications, trial and error, then change the medication and more trial and error while the black hole of despair grows larger and more impenetrable. Finally a sufferer becomes completely unaware of the world and of life going on around them. Relationship happiness eventually reaches zero, not just for them but also their family.

Just the other day I dropped into a next door neighbour to see how she was getting by. Some weeks earlier during a chat, she had indicated she was having periods of depression due to a failed relationship and an attachment to 2 girlfriends who are battling with life threatening unwellness. Identifying with someone else’s battles usually doesn’t help either person and with a relationship going wrong just seemed to have pushed my neighbour to the edge. ‘Toe in the water’ sort of thing. Her work now was also beginning to go downhill, so she began taking on less work. Money then becoming another worry. So off to the doctor. Her doctor, she explained to me was a holistic medical doctor.

The prescription was, Omega 3’s, 5HTP and sleep relief. The products supplied were simply retail rather than practitioner type products that could have been bought over the counter. One of each, each day. Just retail therapy. At that time I was amazed by the dosing just following the retail safe daily values. Here was a successful intelligent woman developing a condition requiring some careful treatment, so the last thing she needed was some ‘over the counter’ ‘safe’ to take dose of a retail safe product that can do no harm to anyone in normal happy health; which was not this person, her health at that time was neither happy or normal.

So out of neighbourliness I offered to check the products and the dose that had been prescribed. Products were OK, yes. OK, but the dose of the Omega 3 crept in at 3 per day. The 5HTP was totally ineffective at 1 a day, and when my neighbours brain found 3 a day in her biofield all her ‘pain’ miraculously went away. At that point the sleep issues would have also disappeared and my neighbour would have quickly ‘bounced’ back.

One thing a QRA practitioner can do is very accurately determine, firstly if a product would help return a failing part of a body to full power and therefore full health, the other advantage of QRA is that it very accurately reveals the dose that actually works for the individual, plus QRA reveals any negative side issues that could occur, so these side issues can also be eliminated before any treatment is finalised. We must ask therefore if it is now the time for medical doctors to up their professional skill and training so we can rely on health outcomes that can be proven client by client rather than following the instructions from slick pharmaceutical sales persons who have turned medical science and practise into quackery.

Oh dear, I told her to see her doctor and get them to re-prescribe because what she was doing would not work therefore was wasting her time and her money.

When I called in this next time, just to see how she was getting along, I found her sleeping in her lounge in her dressing gown at 2 in the afternoon, the sun streaming in and house sealed up and stinking hot. Did my advice work? Yes, but only on the days she was brave enough and desperate enough and took 3 of each on those days. On the other days she was being too timid to do so, so saw her moods and vitality bouncing up and down. She went back to her holistic medical doctor and the result was, she is now ‘OK’. She was on medication, now proudly claiming this as though she had managed to achieve some sort of gold standard in treatment. The ‘toe’ quite obviously was no longer just in the pool. She had now dived in and was sinking. Just looking at her red bloodshot face and dead eyes, her sleeping in her dressing gown at 2 in the afternoon etc explained to me more than did her words.

Retail doses of retail ‘safe’ products can NEVER help anyone needing support for any negative wellness / health situation. Even medical science has proven this, but only so that medical science is able to declare such products a waste of money. In doing so they are then able to sell anything to those desperate for help, so have developed a vast array of chemical concoctions referred to as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor’s (SSRI) to take away the pain. Medical science conveniently only ‘proves’ whatever it is medical science wants to prove so it can make lots of money. Medical scientists having convinced the medical world that depression is related to reabsorption of serotonin in parts of the brain and as such have falsely convinced overworked medical doctors of this ‘scientific’ discovery and their multibillion dollar solution. So now doctors prescribe these nasty little mind bending pills Willy Nilly.

Strangely the brain is not actually medically understood and its physiology remains a mystery to science. A mystery that the pharmaceutical industry finds is a lovely big black space into which they can sell anti-depressants (SSRI’s) that poison the brain. Up to 1 in 3 women now are placed on these evil products at some point in their lives. These nasty little SSRI pills are referred to as Manufactured Madness.

What must concern us and is never advised to anyone who claims they maybe depressed, is that their diet is always wrong. They are always short of at least 4 very important Essential Amino Acids and usually have a diet lacking in adequate animal fats. Their vegetable intake is usually also inadequate. Often their carbohydrate intake is way too high and in someone who is facing depression, carbohydrates and sugars MUST be eliminated from their diet until mental balance comes back into focus. Both of these products completely overpower the brain, almost completely turning off normal brain function in normal happy healthy people for a short period while their body fights with digesting such food. In someone struggling with life’s disappointments the effect on brain function can be the cause of that person sinking into a state of depression.

Unfortunately an added issue from eating lots of vegetables is the likely hood of ingesting systemic pesticides and herbicides from supermarket sourced food. These chemical nasties are designed to kill, and they severely interfere with not just our nutrient uptake but in the way the brain signals our body’s behaviour and functionality. Severe malnutrition along with manmade chemical poisons today is the cause of our bodies not being able to cope with life’s normal and often not so normal ups and downs. Depression in all circumstances is nutrition related. Taking SSRI pills is never going to help unless the person is seeking to become either violent or completely turned off and lethargic or alternatively seeks the resolution of suicide.

Correcting depression by taking manmade chemicals to dull the brain rather than getting good nutritional advice is a symptom of the lunacy that is often associated with depression. When things go wrong and get us down, treatments early on using changes to our diet is usually all that is needed to support anyone while getting through the troubles.

Depression is a condition which we talk ourselves into because the brain is nutritionally starved causing it to malfunction. Then if we go into counselling and try to talk our way out, we finish up eating more comfort food and get trapped into sinking deeper and deeper until a nasty little bit of Manufactured Madness comes along and takes our mind away.

Having enough powerful nutritional elements from our diet to cope with a current pressure or pressures is the most important and quite often the only treatment needed for depression.

Beyond diet there are many instances of hidden deep seated experiences that are the tap root of the tree of depression. These can express themselves at any time through a variety of triggers. In the next few weeks I will work through some of these matters. But whatever the hidden triggers are, diet is the calling card that must be addressed.