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Depression - Part 2

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 9th of December, 2015

Anxiety over the edge

Part 2 of 3

In Part One I discussed the effects of foods on depression and that all depression has a serious dietary imbalance somewhere amongst the causes. These food imbalances are matters that build up over time. Then either a traumatic event unexpectedly sweeps into a life to take advantage of the dietary imbalance or an event so catastrophic takes place, and before the body can get passed the catastrophic event and back to normal, the diet becomes inappropriate, cementing in the mental anguish. Often today either the diet, the job, a medical event and sometimes an accident can be the trigger. Another trigger can be a ’black’ event in the past that has never or can never be fully openly dealt with and shut out, suddenly is bought into full glare.

Death of a loved one, somehow we usually manage to work through such events and come out of OK given nothing more than a little time and lots of love. Often treatments to overcome the initial challenge of such a loss can be the trigger no matter how well intentioned. Such treatments for sleep help or some other issues that would naturally pass in time without treatment, can be a cause.

Other causes can be the loss of a parent before we become mentally self dependant. And then almost all other causes are chemical imbalances that occur in body and change the way the body’s DNA signals the brains serotonin uptake to malfunction.

The role of the Brain. We think of the brain as the organ that drives all the other parts of the body yet it receives sensory information, processes that information and delivers the brains response signals to the body’s response action centres and it also sends back the strength and details of the response and how our body is to perform or carry out the response. Of course we blame our DNA for getting the signals wrong and therefore the instructions come out giving us odd behaviours. Those behaviours can be just no reaction at all creating a dangerous situation where we are exposed to a danger and are just immovably transfixed, completely immobile, or our reactions to the situation are completely incomprehensible. One of those incomprehensible outcomes can be self harm including suicide.

So coming to grips with depression and for others to take depression seriously, is important. Of course some people when depressed can hide, using distance or creating personal mental space away from those caring about them. They can just shut off and we make the mistake of ‘giving them space at such ‘moments’. Yet we are social animals. We need each other so that we cross pollenate those around us with our personality and them with us. That is how human social interaction has evolved. We need each other and those seeking to mentally close off that inter-pollination of mental human contact can be those who take the most drastic steps to avoid their condition.

If I can just mention 2 or 3 of the classic causes that seem to trigger serious episodes of self harm. Bullying, loss of job or money and stress from such events as adverse conditions occurring in solitary occupations such as farming. Yet none of these are actually a cause but they can be outcomes. Those of us looking in from the outside see or are told these are the causes and it is unlikely in the majority of cases to have been true. That’s because the causes, like the shadows depression hides in, are never just that obvious. So medically treating the symptoms makes lots of money, whereas dealing with the causes makes nothing, so the causes are not addressed by medical science, ensuring doctors are not provided with the tools to do so.

The role of Chemicals. The causes in the vast majority of cases, are chemical. Foreign man made chemicals entering the body from either or both our food or the environment and with which the body cannot cope.

First of these are vaccines. The vaccine viruses generally do not harm. The chemicals that are used to force the body into accepting the vaccine viruses have to be strong enough and poisonous enough to permanently defeat the bodies immune system, to get in. Every vaccine injection harms our health in one form or another at some time in our life and deliberately brings on an early death at some point in all vaccinated lives. Of this, the science is now absolutely clear. So clear that the pharmaceutical companies now are pushing their ‘make-believe' vaccine science like there is going to be no tomorrow (for them). And their vaccines today are now so toxic in relation to our bodies weakened immune system, the effects are much more dramatic and life threatening than has ever been the case in the past.

We should consider farmers who suffer depression and suicide. Their work becomes stressful in bad weather seasons and in fact the good seasons come about every 10 or 11 years. So the rest of the time the seasons are average to poor and the weather situation is getting worse rather than better. So much for all the clever science that is going to feed the world. Farming with chemicals is never going to work with the current scientific knowledge we have been allowed to learn.

What is clear is that farmers who farm biologically, holistically and organically in partnership with the natural ebb and flow of the environment, never become depressed and don’t commit suicide.

Farmer depression is caused by the way farmers farm. They farm and take advice that is contrary to natural patterns of environmental life on the planet. Trying to defeat nature with chemicals for those mystical financial rewards, ends with the farmer being defeated. Life maintains its natural balance no matter what the scientists tell us. They are obviously not that smart as it turns out. But they do control the information flow and news media so no one is told the truth. The information providers are making too much money, or simply their jobs depend on scientific bullshit. So we must look out for ourselves. Those same chemical farming practises produce foods that cause us who consume their products the same dysfunctional outcomes that cause farmer suicides in due course.

The first thing we must do is stop buying their dysfunctional food production. It simply continues ramping up the dangers mankind faces. We cannot be responsible for what the farmers do or believe, but we are their victims. And their enemy is not the weather, it is their technical and fiscal pressure that has built up from their use of chemicals, believing that with them they can control nature. Our health and longevity has become the worse for their education and the supermarkets have become dispensaries for life threatening chemicals wrapped in produce rather than providers of safe to consume foods.

Anxiety, Manic behaviour and Depression
These are all routed in the same space. They are all triggered by events. Chemicals, vaccinations, accidents, deaths, head trauma caused by falls and sporting injury. We don’t and sometimes can’t overcome these events in our lives when our diet is wrong. Get the diet right and almost all cases will disappear except for events of deep trauma. In getting the diet right we all have to understand each person reacts differently to different foods and different food volumes.

The most glaring high profile case internationally in recent times is that involving the athlete Oscar Pistorius. He has a serious anxiety disorder, and what must be obvious to anyone who watching, he also is, as an extension of his anxiety condition, manic. What event or events cause or have caused this, maybe have been just the news media constantly reporting the crime statistics against high profile people. This alone could be the events that heightened his fear for his personal security and exaggerated his manic instincts, all fuelled by a carbohydrate high to (falsely) support his athletic life. Perhaps his dietitian and coach should have been standing in the dock beside him. Just the wrong diet in the wrong volumes to a person who was vulnerable. And someone dies as a result.

Yes he’s as guilty as hell, in the eyes of the law. Yet did he have control over his actions? Obviously not. His actions were being driven by people in his background. Does he know better? Yes he does. But the cause of this disaster started with the chemical food industry he had been ‘educated’ to trust and believe in just as we all have been.

Someone dies every second of every day due to the chemicals deliberately placed in their food. No one can see that as we have all been ‘educated’ by scientist not be able to see these happenings, believing these events have other causes which we have been educated to believe in and believe actually exist. When the Oscar Pistorius event occurred, it hit the headlines and he was blamed. Yet Oscar Pistorius was just the last person in a long chain of causal events that he was expected to be able to control the outcome of and it turns out, he was the ‘last’ person able to do so. He didn’t. He obviously couldn’t. He can’t even rationally explain the events because the behaviour was irrational, chemically induced irrationality. So the scientists made him the scape-coat and he has to pay for that education.

His explanation of events made no rational sense in the microcosm of the immediate events. The victim, Reeva Steenkamp paid with her life. This happens everyday. It’s just this was one of those senseless incomprehensible dramas of such high visibility everyone got to see it. The drama and the visibility all created by the same ‘locked-up’ system that was the most likely a part of the cause. Oscar sadly takes the blame and more sadly, Reeva was killed. The search for the factual cause took another hit and became buried even deeper in the dross of those intent on destroying the natural food bearing value of the planet’s soils. The system roles on producing more money to be gathered up from the poor and deposited with the moneyed rich. Depression now digs even deeper into the human consciousness while the pharmaceutical industries murderous money gathering games gather increasing momentum. All the while depression builds.