Restoring Wellness Through Anti-ageing Processes

Natural mental and physical wellbeing is what is needed for a long and happy life. Nothing can beat it


by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 1st of December, 2015

The twitch in the toe.

Candida; the athletes curse. It also attacks the obese and those suffering from such conditions that are associated with all forms of inflammation such as diabetes, heart conditions, cancers, gut issues, the list is endless.

Athletes foot is often where the skin is cracked between the toes, and is contagious.

There are also times when fluid bubbles appear on the sole of the foot and on the palms of the hands because the body’s lymph is so gunked up the lymph fluid it cannot cope with candida’s aggressive onslaught.

The feet swell especially in the heat although not usually when undertaking physical exercise because the sweating provides relief for the lymph.

The skin becomes blotchy and itchy with the appearance of psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin irritations. There are also such conditions as twitching legs and sudden cold shooting pain as though there are needles at work inside the ends of the long bones, usually the feet.

Often if not usually, candida is misdiagnosed as a skin condition and of course the treatment doesn’t work.

Antibiotics actually inflame candida.

Then the diagnosis, when correct, the medical solutions are often too short term and deal only with the symptoms. The causes are occasionally a contagious contact event such as can be common in communal showers and swimming pools. These are the ones most commonly treated with a steroid cream or powder.

Steroids have their own dangers. These can cause shortness of breath, even an asthmatic attack, tightness in the chest and dry skin, specially the lips, with saliva glands pumping out saliva that the body does to aid or begin the digestion process which isn’t happening so we dribble away essential limited glandular function. This becoming a danger in later life should we make it that far.

The real problem for most of us is the condition, and there are over 20 different candida conditions, and they fly a bit under the radar. As a result we usually get a confused or just wrong diagnosis.

The angry redness around the saliva glands and around the eyes, develop small eruption-like spots. The lower legs or lower arms develop angry red blotches which sometimes become ulcerated and weepy with brown toxic lymph fluid. When occurring around the eyes, this can have a drastic effect on the long term health of the eyes.

Mostly these are treated topically and that is treating the symptoms.

The fluid bubbles that can form on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet or in ulcerated areas of the body can be painful and when pricked produce a brown fluid which is the toxic lymph fluid trying to escape. The brown fluid is part of the body’s excretion process which the kidneys and adrenal glands are supposed to eliminate and cannot. This leads to kidney - renal failure and adrenal fatigue causing relationship breakdowns, anger, violence and money problems. All these conditions are, when treated individually become, a medical cash cow with the sufferer becoming, just an ATM machine for the pharmaceutical industry to plunder.

Clearing candida when it starts is extremely important. Candida lives in an acidic body, low pH. This is a very comfortable environment in which cancers flourish.

Candida is a condition that is known also as yeast overgrowth. Yeast enzyme activity is common in the human body, but those on a high carbohydrate diet will develop a lowered pH and lowered digestive tolerance to carbohydrates. The tongue becomes greyish / white, The legs or fingers tingle, the ears may ring. The diet is a mess.

Our carbohydrate intake today has little if any practical human digestive use. Our body is reluctant to digest todays hybridised grains and sugars at the best of times. We never did have the digestive enzymes to digest these foods and that has been known for some 2,600 years. However modern food science has taken the many thousand of strains of these foods that we could only ever partly digest, and has modified them into a few controllable crops to create ‘efficient’ farming and in the process produce foods that are so foreign to the human digestive system we cannot use them at all. For the farmers, they do grow in a reliable regular way so are suitable for planting and harvesting mechanically and so are grown in vast unprotected areas where they attract huge armies of predator bacteria and insects. These so-called foods also can be stored in silos so that the market price can be manipulated on the futures markets. This also proves these food are neither local nor fresh which is in itself 2 indicators that these are not healthy viable human foods. When refined we do get some benefit although these are usually outweighed by the dangers. When taken in as much touted ‘whole’ grains our bodies cannot break them down at all a so do not present the same dangers and therefore produce less if any benefits.

These modern farming practises have resulted in the crops becoming genetically modified and now are nothing other than pathogens and not even suitable as pig or chicken food. This zealotic overproduction has created a huge multilayered group of industries producing breads, breakfast foods and other tasty treats that are poisoning the human body. Still the ‘yeast’ enzymes that accompany these foods, love them in the warm sticky gut of the human body. Our tastebuds have been chemically re-conditioned so that we fall in love with the taste of these foods. While we poison our bodies with such wonder foods, that we just can’t stop eating, our athletic and gym coaches and dieticians tell us we must load up on these because they produce the ‘energy’ they refer to as body fuel to get us through a match or event. And their doing so, is pure bullshit. The other bit of crazy advice dished up is to drink more water. Doing that reduces the digestive HCL in the stomach destroying any chance of us breaking down and digesting these ‘foods’.

The big candida suffers, they’re easy to pick out. Their tongues are white. They burp and fart their way through life as their digestive processes produce putrid gas as these products decompose themselves within them. Candida, yeast overgrowth, is this living decomposing swamp of pig swill composting in the gut. Dealing with killing this off until it becomes controlled can take up to 18 months in serious cases. Working with topical preparations provides temporary relief and will always cause other issues that can be considered side effects and are all life shortening.

Killing the overgrowth back is a vile exercise. Firstly we have to take specially prepared digestive enzymes to attack and kill the living bubbling swamp life in our gut and then the debris from the dead and dying swamp life is so toxic that additional enzymes have to be added to assist the body’s macrophages that eat the debris up and eliminate the corpses. This results in stinking stools. So the sufferers are easy to detect. Basically their bodies stink and they wear toxic powerful deodorants to hide their body odour.

Of course the toe nails and the finger nails that crack and dissolve because of the candida take 5 months to regrow but the die back until these parts of our body can begin to grow back may take many more months for the process to even begin. Trying to speed the process up is almost impossible because the process usually makes us noushsous anyway and speeding up the process doesn’t seem to work. The diet also has to be corrected and the greater the reduction of carbohydrate intake, along with eliminating from the diet, a list of other foods that are also to be avoided, the quicker the process gets on top of the overgrowth, and when under control the yeast bloating then must reduce to a point where the body can manage a small carbohydrate intake. Candida will always return the moment the diet is relaxed a fraction too much.

There are anti candida enzymes on the market that can be bought ‘over the counter’. My experience is that those who try them find they are much too docile to be effective. They are usually ‘safe’ retail products. The professional practitioner products, when tested with QRA to match the individuals response to their condition seems to be the shortest, quickest and cheapest route to recovery in the long run.

The most important aspect of a candida environment to understand is this condition, as do many other conditions, change the ‘default’ setting in the brain as to what is normal. Candida has very similar drivers as do other conditions, in particularly depression and alcoholism. It sets the brain settings to think that a lowered pH is the ‘normal’ setting and the brain then drives those aspects (foods and drinks) of our life and diet to closely maintain this false dangerous setting. The problem with a low pH is not just the increase in heart conditions and other life shortening conditions, candida is fundamental in all digestive tract cancers from the mouth to the anus and very organ and tract in between. And brain cancers.

The statistics on candida are that everyone almost to 100% will have bouts of yeast overgrowth in their lives in today’s world. Around 25% to 30% of all people with candida conditions find that it will reoccur. Just simple headaches and colds can have candida issues as a background cause. Parasites and antibiotics are a major and perhaps the only initial cause of candida, yeast overgrowth. And some of these candida conditions are highly contagious.