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by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 5th of July, 2016

Marvellous or madness

The votes have been counted, yes but not the costs. The costs are what has to now be weighed up against the benefits. ‘Oh the benefits you say.’ Yes, the benefits. The costs of this EU pretence at enforced inclusiveness always had to be horrendous as is any unnatural and unholy alliance. As has been proven is completely unsustainable both psychologically and financially. Our race to the finish line in the western world has created an elephant that is so large we can no longer see the room in which it stands. So it stands to reason someone had to blink first, and that was the British. And how the financial markets have reacted. What an opportunity to undermine and profit against the people of Great Britain. That response was the very first and savage action in the next battle to retain power over the people who have finally rejected the EU profit by deception madness.

Today we have the western world under the total domination and control of multinational corporate government rather than elected national governments running the lives of their ordinary every day people, not into the dust of time but into an entirely new dimension never before seen in our one dimensional lives. We have though been tricked through corporate controlled education into believing we are living in a 3 dimensional world which in point of fact has at least 5 dimensions to it which is why we have at least 5 senses if we ignore common sense, perception and other psychic abilities, as there must others. And this trick of education to limit our intellect has been cynically perpetrated for the last 100 years ensuring we believe in ourselves as a bunch of robotic parts functioning on some ludicrous mathematical plane so we can be dominated and controlled by shonky sciences that we don’t understand because mostly they don’t do anything apart from make money. Yet we are more simply conscious spiritual beings made up of all our memories and experiences plus 80% or more water, 20% matter and 10 times that total in bacteria belonging to and function as and part of a larger spiritual entity; Planet Earth. Such a belief system as has today replaced humanity with educated stupidity. The result has been greed, plunder and murder visited on everyday people, the like of which has never been seen before and which no-one has had any experience with yet it is all around us. So we live in disbelief and often completely oblivious mostly ignoring actual real events. No serious challenge to these rules have been permitted and out of this vacuum that has been created there remains no such thing as a democratic freely elected government. Societies have never put in place or been able to have the time to develop rules of behaviour that protect us from these corporate killers who ride on the backs of banks which they usually own rather than them having to come ashore here in ships with knives and guns. Today they don’t even set foot here, they arrive via their banking system and their murder and plunder causing death and dying pales the losses we experienced from world wars into insignificance. But those war deaths we could see and count and revere. Today their murdering is hidden away in hospitals citing ‘medical’ conditions as a cause but they are causes which they have put in place. They have brought with them a kind of oblivion where we are not even seen or considered. We exist only as a bunch of numbered diseased parts in computers. Computers which they designed to achieve this very end. We are simply a mathematical statistic and to them exist according to some mathematical calculation.

Whatever is good for corporate government is all that matters now. Such is the way we have been educated by their system of ‘caring’. We take children away from their parents into their education system to sieve them through testing programmes that are designed to drop out the weakest who finish up sleeping in the streets in doorways and under bridges rather than bothering to put in place programmes that uplift these systemic failures we now produce. They are simply the ‘systems dross’ who just don’t fit our callous educational profiling. We have become their ‘property’ and often discarded to where we have to make ourselves and remake ourselves over and over again while multinationals do little other than increasingly pillage raw materials using legal loopholes they have created and simply swamp and destroy natural ‘assets’. This they do, not for any benefit for the country and us and not to benefit others but simply to plunder and destroy resources to build and channel incredible fortunes. Often these fortunes are for a small number of faceless sometimes little known families who pay no taxes anywhere in the world because their companies are owned through so-called charitable trusts which have been formed under guises of being either religious or charitable or both. Charitable they are not and as for being religious, that is a complete farce. They are nothing more than industry cults that have been formed to control the minds of their system educated ardent believers and workers extolling benefits of eating their so called wonderful food production.

These charitable trusts only exist to do only charitable work which their governments use with publicly owned assets to provide international aid but only aid that uses their products increasing their grip on unsuspecting populations.

We have the world domination of corporate ‘health’ through the fantasy of pharmaceuticals which we are required to support, and which they in fact don’t often work as mostly our bodies recover from most conditions without them or we die in spite of their ‘caring’ pharmaceutical intervention. All of the life style drugs are ultimately more toxic to human health than any condition being treated than they are beneficial. Our wellness and longevity is so tightly controlled now by modern intensive farming technology which has been organised to deliberately make us sick and die by our 80’s.

Today with our knowledge we know that the human cell can live a healthy life without any need for medication to ‘The Hayflick Limit’ - 125 years. And this 125 year average human life was confirmed as accurate by the Biosphere11 experiment of the 1980’s. But you and I must not be allowed to live that long because our economic corporate political system is not mathematically willing or able or allowed to allow that. Our food and our medicines are designed to control the lifespan of the populations of the western world.

The populations of 3rd world countries must also receive our ‘help’ which we send them as ‘aid’ so they are able to produce cheap food and other goods for us that can never enrich our lives, health or our wealth but do provide massive profits and soak up shipping and other of their services. At the same time our governments aid to support a 3rd world birth rate into an explosion of out of control childhood survival is producing children as a resource with which to experiment upon with drug and medical technologies that are un-human and mostly unnecessary. Hence Bird Flu, Ebola and now Zika. The workhouses of Charles Dickens time have been replanted today in the 3rd world where these human experiments ensuring the workers lives are little if any better or longer than those of the children in the workhouses of Britain of 200 years ago. But they make lots of lovely money for their 1st world corporate masters, much of it donated by Governments of the western world as aid who use the taxes of the everyday ‘man in the street’ to further enrich the already disgustingly wealthy.

Brexit is the first of the major political tidal waves that will wash up on all our shores as we become more and more drawn unnecessarily and cynically into Trade Agreements and alliances which defy and defile our natural social order at the altar of the rampaging corporate political will.

These corporate people without consciences are breaking down borders where they can, but only on their terms so as to pillage natural resources as fast as they can without the slightest thought or consideration for sustainability of any sort. They have through their greed and cynical sciences brought our ‘health’ services to the brink of total failure with their antibiotic overuse which nature, yes Nature, has delivered a death sentence on by invading us with ‘superbugs’ because man must in every sense relearn again to live with and along side natural bacteria. Bacteria that is on this planet to hold the balance of all living things including man in check. Pharmaceuticals are a war on health and have never been the advantage to mankind that is; good nutrition, natural cleanliness and sanitation. But the acceleration of a ‘need’ for pharmaceuticals and by price gouging will, in due course, bankrupt the economies of all western countries anyway. The date for ‘health care’ costs to overrun western economies is projected to be 2030 if not before.

The actual cause of our un-health is due to lack of sanitation or not using respectfully what we have and the poor quality of our controlled food supply today. Our food is now grown in the most toxic possible circumstances where our land is coated in fertiliser, the origins of which is oil. This is mostly oil derived nitrates which is a toxic war on our environment and where our food to grow requires 3 to 5 times the normal volume of water needed to grow normal healthy food. This toxic farming fosters the explosion in the number of natural predators to counter this farming madness and that builds a bacterial host who then attack our domestic live stock causing the use of farmaceuticals on our domestic food animals, that in turn builds drug resistance through all forms of life. Then pouring pesticides on our plant food further tainting and poisoning our food, making us sick with cancers, heart, lung and bone conditions is very good for business profits. In doing so, we are guaranteeing we can never reach our true old age. These same corporate bank and government supported international pirates experimenting with replacing bones and other body parts with mechanical devices that require a life of medication are causing our waterways to become toxic and poisoned ensuring the planet becomes overheated, and so guaranteeing absolutely we will never make it to true ‘old’ age. Also at risk is the natural environment which will in short order no longer be able to provide us with any food that is not toxic and will be unable to produce oxygen to allow us to continue breathing. A condition that is already afflicting some of us today. This though is seen as a medical problem that can only be treated with drugs, yet it is the drugs that are the causes.

The western worlds corporate controlled governments allow the poisoning of our land and they are in fact causing a war against us and the planet. This war against us and our environment and food politically is completely rejected by some countries and we now have NATO Generals claiming we will be at war with Russia in 2017 yet it is us, the western world racked with greed and corruption who are already at war destroying everything we hold dear while the Russians are left fighting to respect and hold onto natural life for the health and benefit of their own people.

The people who have been making their fortunes for centuries on the backs of their war against the planet and mankind know that in any war in the past they have been the winners economically and so expect us to pay the costs of such a war in ‘men’ and resources which they will suck up just as they have always been able to do in the past.

The American Governments are the most warmongering governments ever in the history of mankind and their PR spin has us convinced these wars have always been caused by others. They with their close allies, including us, hold those who defy them in check using their secret service agencies of the western world with their 5 eyes to discredit and at times cause fatal accidents to any who stand in their way and against them. If that doesn’t work they build a cloud over those against them until they create enough of a hiatus to invade, prosecute and displace those people or that system of government and their peoples to suit their own ends.

War is a ruthless industry where life is cheap and death is an aphrodisiac and the prize is land and oil. War is an essential tool of these multinational government sponsored industries to gain world domination of food and oil. They are here solely for taking benefits that can only exceed any benefit we can ever hope to receive in return and we are silly enough to give up our resources without even a fight. Without control of our natural resources we abandon not just our ability to benefit fully from what we have, we also abandon our sovereignty which if we retain would produce a much more inclusive caring profit sharing society.

Brexit is the start of a wave of citizens in the western world no longer willing to stand by and take this shit. Life is on the change. Governments wishing to continue to perpetuate the current model may find they will become consigned to the dustbin of corruption and history. The world will change direction and we have just seen the first major upheaval. More is to come. Mark my words.

But Brexit is pure madness. The forces of government supported evil are more powerful than is the will of the sleep walking medicated ‘educated’ populous. No doubt nothing much in the end will change. The money changers will see to that if they possibly can while they press on redesigning the world to suit their own pockets.

‘Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people’ claimed Henry Kissinger. Food is America’s most powerful weapon. The EU was founded on American agricultural technologies of factory farming and American farm politics and on those issues the EU is and will flounder. America must revert to war to hold control of oil throughout the world and will militarily use famine to ensure they meet their target; World domination of all farm land by corporate America is the prized first causality of Brexit. The scramble to get that back under control again will prove to be a dirty nasty business while they press on looking to start another war somewhere on the planet that someone else caused.