Restoring Wellness Through Anti-ageing Processes

Natural mental and physical wellbeing is what is needed for a long and happy life. Nothing can beat it


by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 18th of November, 2015

Quite a surprise to find, the day following my blog on Osteoporosis and bone health, the Auckland University released their results of a long term study proving what the naturopathic community have known for many years. What the Auckland study avoided noticing is that there are absorbable, therefore safe to take, calcium based supplements available that don’t block our arteries and they do contribute to reducing the effects of ageing and prolonging healthy longevity.

Their findings are not only some 40 years out of date as far as I know, their work appears to have proven whatever it was they set out to prove. All the information was already known. They certainly would have known which products to test to get the results they wanted us to hear about. Obviously the funding available was to prove what they did in the end, prove. Therefore the publishing was of known information and the closed science community then awarded them their prestigious accolade, The Rutherford Medal.

The issue though remains, our basic food increasingly becomes depleted of the nutrients we must have to remain healthy and for us to have a long happy normal life. At the top of the list of absolutely ‘must have’ nutrients are our minerals and the top of that list of these ‘must have’ minerals, is calcium.

Just last week we ran short of milk in the house, raw milk of course, I went to the local shop for Retro organics milk which is unfortunately pasteurised, they too had run out. I went to the supermarket and there I found that Puhoi Valley now produces organic milk. To my amazement they have homogenised this product. Obviously I couldn’t buy something that is not even fit for pig food even if it is declared organic.

When will our monolithic milk manufacturers realise there is so much excellent science out there in the normal world that has proven homogenised milk is known to be a significant causal factor in the onset of diabetes and heart dis-eases. But then the milk industries supply homogenised and reduced fat milk to school children ensuring the next generation will become victims of ill health much sooner because the sole interest of these companies is in guaranteeing and safeguarding their bottom line rather than ensuring their products are world leading and healthy to consume. Homogenised milk is certainly not that.

Of course the industry’s relentless and savage destruction of the environment to produce such shonky products and their influence over Government agencies ensuring their ruthless progress continues, should to be proof enough for anyone, that these companies and the farmers who supply them, don’t give a single decent thought for the damage they do to both the environment or the people who consume their products. These milk products are known as ‘piss and puss’ because of the chemicals, with which they feed out and farm with, find their way into their milk through what we refer to as ‘leaky gut’. The same farming practises that are the cause of leaky gut in humans has been directly proven to be the due to the use of herbicides. Therefore they pasteurise and homogenise these filthy products so they can legally pass them off as ‘food safe’.

The one thing we are constantly advised of through the news media is the absolute need for clean water for life to exist, not just for us, but all our food. Not water that is some safe level of cleaned, that ‘clean’ that has been worked out by the same shonky sciences funded or controlled by those ruthlessly destroying water quality for personal gain. In many places now we only have to run a tap to find we are being supplied with stinking water that has been treated to make it scientifically safe, just we don’t know exactly who or what, it is factually safe for.

Without clean water we can’t have clean safe-to-consume milk. And without clean full cream untreated milk, our bone health is unlikely to help get us to the end of a long life happy and healthy now. For us to have the clean water that we must have, us using our water ways to dispose of the chemicals in our life, has to cease.

Interestingly I was watching the B.B.C. news who were doing a doc’o on the elections in Myanmar (Burma). The cameras were showing a village with all their food and other stalls along the street. The street was teaming with people, yes they looked poor but they were, to a person, all smiling and happy. The street was clean, you could have eaten your dinner off the street, possibly many have to. There was no rubbish in sight, there wasn’t even a rubbish bin in sight and along came a delivery truck forcing all the people off the road. The diesel fumes obvious. The truck was labelled ‘Dove’ representing the international Unilever company, who now are allowed to trade in Myanmar. The truck driver and his off-sider opened the back of the truck to deliver their soap products that were packaged in boxes that contained packets of individually wrapped manufactured toxic soap products the same as we buy every day and use to contaminate our environment and waterways with. These are the same products, that today in western society start the roulette wheel of asthma spinning.

So I wondered where on earth do these happy smiling obviously quite healthy villagers discard all this packaging. Not only are these foreign products toxic, they are also the foundation of the development of modern asthma in our society. They are the basic structure that starts the asthma condition. Suddenly this orderly society is being overrun by big multinational corporate filth and greed destroying a contented society and bringing with them unknown (to them) dis-eases they have no chance of avoiding.

Sophisticated we may be, but our basic way of life has been destroyed with chemicals from just the ‘simple’ household products that suffocate our environment and are a cause of global warming or climate change. These products are produced by the same scientific minds that teach us, the cause of Global Warming is the over production of carbon. In reality they are same scientific minds who are taught only the science that is controlled by multinational companies, such as Fonterra and Unilever. These corporates manipulate science to prove the outcomes they need to prove allowing them to continue raping and pillaging us economically while they defile our health and longevity and that of our planet.

While I can provide a list of foods we must eat to obtain sufficient calcium to be healthy and strong so that our organs don’t go into asthmatic or other types of shock, there is not much point of my doing so today. Most of the food available if not all of it, is so devoid of usable nutrients that our bodies are unable to recognise and absorb it the stuff we now have been taught to accept as being food, thus making such a list, meaningless as some sort of valuable guide.

Of course growing our own vegetables is a good place to start, but then we have to have potash from a log burner to put on the garden to grow strong healthy plants and the climate scientists have everyone convinced that wood smoke is a danger to our health. Since time began, Man lived with an open wood fire on stones in the living area of their homes. Then, there never was asthma. There was no such thing as asthma and in fact the word asthma wasn’t even invented until recent times. History has been rewritten to pretend asthma has been around for as long as mankind walked the earth. The invention of plumbing services saw the then causes of a parallel condition become removed. In the 1950’s there was no asthma as it is today. Modern asthma is caused purely by the invasion of modern corporate health and food and cleanliness concepts. Today the modern asthma condition can be eliminated. Except in New Zealand now, the current building laws are possibly some of the worst of all housing solutions for people seeking long healthy lives. Our modern housing now is a mix of toxic chemicals and are a farm for breeding bacteria that is very unfriendly to humans.

But then if we were all happy and healthy, the 25% of the population currently employed in the so called ‘Health’ industry would become unemployed. Being made sick has to be a carefully controlled economic necessity in the western world. Just check out the hospitals ‘waiting lists’. This is a method of queuing patients to ensure a constant supply of work for ‘health’ workers. There is no economic or social benefit to be gained from us having wonderful personal wellness. Good health is for only the chosen few. That is the few who actually deliberately chose a healthy moderate life, happy with their lot. With all our amazing science and technology there is no science that has yet been able to make us well or keep us well, yet Man can do exactly that with ordinary decent clean food. And Man chooses not to make such foods generally available. Food and farming sciences are designed to deliberately make us sick.

Finally calcium absorption and use in the body is pivotal in all our muscular and neurological functions and therefore when not in abundance in the form needed for human use, that plays a role in the development of the condition we have been taught to call asthma.