Restoring Wellness Through Anti-ageing Processes

Natural mental and physical wellbeing is what is needed for a long and happy life. Nothing can beat it

Ageing 101

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 15th of December, 2015

The cause of most death

This is my main area of work: Ageing is something many people dread, yet we all do it. When we get ‘there’ we seemingly want more of what we’ve just had. Some pretend they don’t care, then they go in for hair implants, hair colouring, expensive anti-ageing chemical preparations to place on their skin, their face and so on. Yet them ageing, just rocks on. They grow older anyway just as we all do. Then there are those who go to the gym, run around the park, are hugely fit and drop stone dead in their 60’s or 70’s and sometimes earlier, the same as everyone else. The truth is we are now being chemically programmed, since the mid 1970’s, to die on average around 80 years and the technology for getting this right has become very sophisticated, very embracing, and Government mandated.

I’m 70 and spent years avoiding the ageing pitfalls and all the while along the way I’ve had to delve into the devils house of rapid ageing poverty just to get by, just like everyone else. But when I have had to accept help from the devil, I accidentally, in the past, and now purposefully, ensured my body’s programme, my DNA, has been taken care of. Slowing the ageing process, I think.

The motivation guru Jim Rohn says, ‘I’ll look after me for you, if you will look after you for me’. He said this in relation to his relationship with his wife, meaning he would look after himself in a way not become a burden to his wife as he aged and expected his wife to look after herself so she wouldn’t become a burden to him in later life also. That worked for them. But ageing is more personal than that. Ageing is about our own relationship with our own body. Yes, no one has the right to live their life like a fool and then expect a loved one to be burdened with the result, or as many do, expect the so called ‘health system’ to do so at someone else's expense. We have a personal duty to respect and care for our own body and health.

Yes, we all paid taxes, but taxes are not some sort of medical benefits system just for us to abuse. We have been foxed into believing they are to provide medical services which we are told are part of a ‘health system’. That is a huge lie. People who are healthy don’t need to have anything to do with a ‘health’ system. Once upon a time doctors did help families remain well. Today that has changed. The health system doesn’t even accept we are human, now just 10 minute units to be treated according to our statistics of age, weight, height, gender etc. And drugged up to end our life according to some statistical calculation worked out in a pharmaceutical laboratory where flogging off drugs is the only consideration. Not helping people be well.

And when the drug companies cannot make enough money from their toxic chemical ‘snake oils’, their toxic crystals and other drug bases are sold out their back door into the black market of illicit drug dealers for them to modify into the deathly hallucinogenic drugs that also kill us and cause additional social upheaval. Strangely enough all, yes all, these anti-life concoctions, whether legal or not, TAKE and reduce our years of life energy. They bugger our happy healthy longevity without fail and without conscience. It doesn’t matter if it is a single aspirin, an asthma puffer, a ‘harmless’ vaccine or a vitamin C powder or vitamin tablet. The vitamin C alone is mostly, but not exclusively ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate. These products are manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry using corn starch. And all their corn is GMO seeded and grown, covered in glyphosate and we suck it up destroying our cellular health with it, killing us early anyway.

It is not just unlikely, it’s impossible to obtain any product in any pharmacy that will extend a life unless we have done or stupidly failed to do something foolish. And if we don’t counter the toxic pharmacy products by then doing excessively something we should have been doing in moderation all along and have failed to do so, such as consume real food, get some sunlight and take a hike or ride a bike and most importantly fall in love, our sticky end comes upon us sooner rather than later.

Without going into the depths of anatomy, our bodies are made up of groups of cells. Most of the cells, about 90% of them, are our bacteria. They communicate amongst themselves and they also communicate with other like bacteria. They connect us all. Not just to each other, they are the connecting bond between us and all other life on the planet. From the worms and bacteria in the soils to the largest plant or animal and insects, we are all connected. One way or another they communicate and connect positively or negatively amongst themselves and in doing so they keep us connected positively or negatively with our mental and physical processes, outcomes and longevity.

We have around 100 trillion cells belonging to us and of those, our body has as few as 10 trillion physical cells that form all our bits. The other 90% of our cells are single cell bacteria which we inherited at our birth and they provide us with our shape, our looks our intelligence and our immunity and depending on how well we care for our personal bacteria determines how our shape, our looks, our health, our life success and longevity progresses throughout our life. When we neglect different sections of our bacteria, that bacterial group becomes weakened. Progressive long term neglect may destroy an entire group of bacteria which if such neglect is allowed to drag on, that part of the body, those bacteria look after, will become dormant and eventually succumb to an anti-bacterial attack, we will refer to that as viral. We then lose our natural shape , our looks and our health and sanity. We are then ageing rapidly.

If we fail to correctly feed our bacteria they desert us leaving our body open to attack by marauding viral bacteria. This may cause the heart to stop or a cancer to spread or some other vital organ to fail and we are told we have this dis-ease or that condition or conditions and that we must change our life and also take ‘these drugs’. And we believe such advice. No wonder our average 125 years of the promised and scientifically proven life of human cells doesn’t get past 80 years. 45 years short of a full life. That’s more than half our life stolen away by the ‘medical’ advice that controls the way farmers farm our food with chemicals and the types of food in the supermarkets that we all eat. Our supermarket food kills us within ⅔ of our actual life expectancy if we are healthy in medical terms.

So what about all the advice to eat this or that. Apply this product or that. And eat less of this or that. And exercise or clean our houses and clothes with this or that product. And we breathe toxic city and country air. We drink chemically treated water and water into which some bureaucratic clown places highly charged ‘safe’ metal particles that attract to them toxins that normally would not appear in our water. The worst of these being fluoride, one of the worlds most toxic charged metals and is used in vaccines because the anatomy of the human body cannot remove it. It accumulates in the body, and in the brain causing dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and is a trigger for all mental dis-ease. Not to mention cancer and other inflammatory responses.

Technically the human cell lives by continuously producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the basic unit of ‘energy’ for each of our cells. Therefore theoretically, our cells could live almost forever. The secret to ATP is in the name; tri-phosphate. 3 phosphates. Phosphate is used to make car bombs. It causes an explosion - the production of energy. Our muscles use calcium which is also used as lime in gardening as a fertiliser. It also is an effective bomb making product. Calcium is not just for our bones, it provides our muscles with the muscle gun-powder they require to explode into action.

People who move fast, think fast, work fast and function quickly and effectively. For them to do so they must have excellent clear calcium uptake pathways in their body. As our bones age we slow down. Our slowing down is directly indicative of the status of our ‘calcium’ health. So our ability to move is governed primarily by bioavailable calcium from our diet. Calcium is antagonised in our bodies (access to our cells blocked) by caffeine, phosphoric acid (from carbonated drinks) lead and cadmium which are powerfully attracted to fluoride particles, strontium. Also phytates and oxalic acid from grains and other plants, and strangely magnesium, sodium and potassium although they are also calcium synergists in our energy production processes. Yet sodium coated with aluminium (Table Salt), is almost certain slow death.

Ageing has nothing to do with how we look, Ageing is all about how we move and how we flex. Of course for an explosive response to be effective in our cells and muscles we have to have oxygen and hydrogen molecules. Only clean water and clean air molecules provide optimal functionality. The oxygen is carried around the body on iron in the blood stream and the iron when we use the oxygen, oxidises. Oxidation causes waste that creates inflammation, that is the primary cause of most deaths according to medical certificates. Oxidation is what is called free radicals which have to be eliminated immediately, a process carried out by antioxidants. So the act of living is the same as the act of dying.

The secret to reduce or even halt the body’s ageing process is to ensure very cell’s wall is clean and fully feed so that there is plenty of good balanced nutrition available and bound with as little waste product as is possible, (nutrient and vitamin dense) and that we have really clean air and clean water. Then the cells will work pretty well for forever as long as we want.

The average western life of good wholesome food from a balanced and in season diet, clean water and clean air will make us happy with our lot. Given that, we should live on average for 125 healthy vibrant years without any sickness, dis-ease or vaccines. All chemicals from any man made source, shortens the life of our cells. It doesn’t matter if the chemicals are medical, farm induced, airborne or water borne. They block the cells and in many cases attract to them other toxins that the body, in the normal course of events would automatically eliminate but can’t because the toxic load is so ‘vibrant’ it holds on to and the toxins replacing nutrients in the cells receptors, the point where the cells take in their (our) nutrients for us to survive.

Our bacteria are the bodies memory. They know which nutrient products they must allow in and which they must exclude. We overwhelm our bacteria with dietary rubbish and man made chemicals and we suffer the pretence of being ill. Yes, mentally ill, just too easily deceived into thinking we have a great diet and healthy life. Not true, if that were true our lives would last for half as much again as they do today.