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A Full Head of Hair

by Max Aspinall: Nutritional Researcher and QRA Practitioner - 9th of March, 2016

Our crowning glory.

This week’s blog is on a lighter but none the less important subject. A full head of hair is something to be respected and treasured. This is one of our life signs giving us a gentle early hint about our actual health status into our future. Even medical doctors have noticed it and given it a name when it fails, so its failure must be a dis-ease. They call this failure alopecia and explain it away as a genetic mistake because there is no pharmaceutical treatment therefore it must be genetic.

The chances of hair follicle failure today being radiation damage is of course a real possibility. Radiation treatments certainly cause hair loss but then if those cells forming the dermis across the head are generally healthy, the hair grows back. That regrowth happening is an indication our hair follicle roots are healthy and in healthy skin.

20 years ago in my 50’s I noticed, after it had been pointed out to me, I was developing a ‘Monks Crown’ at the back of my head just beyond the crown where I couldn't see it. At the time I was taking a sulphur medical drug for an ulcerative colitis condition. But doing so less and less frequently by this time. I also had a scurfy scalp which I could not get on top of. And just at this time I was beginning to notice my black hair was also turning a little grey.

At this time I was finally overcoming the ulcerative colitis through diet and stopping taking any medication, So then I set about sorting out my balding patch and my hair colour loss.

By the age of 54 I had completely stopped dropping hair everywhere and my hair colour stabilised a but little greyer. Do so had taken those 4 years to finally rid my body of the effects of the Colitis drug support as I had finally beaten the Colitis after 27 years of medical misadventures. The effects of the petroleum EN coating on the drugs seemed to be the most difficult to extract out of the body. These drugs skewed my diet for years and while supporting, was a major element of me being unable to resolve the causes of Ulcerative Colitis which are entirely nutritional it turns out, so extending the need for medical support for the condition by many years. The drugs while helping me control the condition delayed recovery ensuring I remained drug dependant. It was one of those funny ‘stuck in a room with no doors’ situations pharmacology is very good at promoting. Once they have got us hooked they don’t let go easily.

Conditions such as Crohn’s Dis-ease and Ulcerative Colitis should, with a corrected diet, become cleared completely with 3 months to 1 year, but the changing of the diet can take another 2 or more years to become completely imbedded into a changed, for all time, lifestyle. Taking drugs reinforces the life style that first created then supports the condition continuing and the medical dietary advice simply reinforces those errors ensuring the drugs remain central.

How I managed my failing hair issue was looking at what nutrients supports hair health. As it turns out they are the same as the nutrients required for nails and skin, and strangely but true, Ulcerative Colitis is a tissue issue in the surface of the tissue. So is also a skin issue. So the clearing of the Colitis may have been managed but the life style changes still required modifying because the greying and dropping hair points this out. At the time I was also playing a lot of squash and from time to time had the odd round with candida. Athletes Foot. Another skin tissue and nail issue. So double whammy.

Research tells me that hair, nails and skin require silica, an abundant mineral in real food and also Biotin (Vitamin B1) which is also abundant in many of our foods. So I thought. That was, but is no longer true. The issue with minerals is that they are all synergists with other minerals and those other minerals are synergists with other minerals and so on through the periodic table. The other matter to be aware of is that silica is also antagonised by some other minerals, yet those other minerals that antagonise silica, synergise with minerals that also support silica. The number of minerals we need are in the range of 70+ of the elements from the periodic table. And Biotin, Vitamin B1, is very abundant in the whites of eggs (and available in lots of other foods). Today however it seems only in free range organic eggs and all egg whites must be properly cooked for the Biotin to become available.

Just how we sort through the minerals though is a mine field with millions of computations, but Mother Nature sorted this out accurately for us related to our assimilation with our local environment and its foods. So mainly local fresh food in our diets is extremely important because the minerals we need are freely available from rich healthy soils.

In trying to understand mineral complexities, for instance a man has a need for the testosterone-sperm-health production and for that purpose requires Zinc which the male body stores in the prostate gland so he is always ready for reproductive action. Zinc in our bodies is antagonised by Iron and we need Iron in our blood to produce red blood cells which carries oxygen around the body creating the atmosphere in which all our body functions require for us to ‘fire into life’ every moment we are alive. Copper balances with Zinc until it predominates and then it antagonises Zinc. Yet we need copper for so many functions. Our bodies cannot communicate instructions as to how to act without Copper just as our homes run their electrical inputs and outputs along copper wire. So taking any mineral supplements is fraught with amazing dangers and there are no medical tests which can determine the rate at which any minerals should be administered and utilised. This can be checked with Quantum Reflex Analysis but even that test must be done weekly to ensure the balances don’t go awry. The reason there are no proper medical tests for minerals is because there is not a way to synthetically reproduce minerals in the laboratory, so minerals can’t be patented and therefore cannot be exploited pharmacologically as a medicine. Doctors today aren’t educated in health issues unless pharmaceutical drugs are at the end of any diagnosis for any of the manmade medical conditions we become talked into. Medically minerals are dangerous, as is sunlight. Minerals and sunlight are essential for life on Planet Earth. What planet the medical profession’s eduction is from is anyones guess? Planet Avarice is the only obvious planet where there is no daylight and the only available minerals are bank notes.

Of course all our nutrients need solvents to breakdown so they can become metabolised in the body. Solvents in the body are either water or fat based. Biotin and all the B vitamins are fat soluble and the fats they synergise with are animal fats. Vegetable fats from vegetable oils have yet to be proven to effectively assist the metabolising of B vitamins before they oxidate the cofactors, causing absorption failure, and oxidation causes toxic build up. Carcinogens.

The way our bodies absorb and use our nutrients is one small part of the health and wellness equation. How our bodies oxides our nutrient cofactors, before they can be properly utilised, and the waste from our foods that doesn’t get metabolised becomes spoilage. When the nutrients in our bodies oxidise they begin rotting and form ‘free radicals’. And we all know about food oxidisation. The flesh of apples when cut through turns brown, it oxidises in air unless we rub a bit of lemon (vitamin C) on it. That browning is oxidisation. Iron in our system oxidises when it comes into contact with oxygen and more quickly when the iron becomes wet, so drinking water (a food solvent) with food is not a very clever thing to do. It speeds up oxidation and increases the need for Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the most important vitamin in delaying us ageing. It may be the only vitamin that delays ageing. But with all nutrients they must be balanced with their synergising cofactors and antagonists.

Recently I was out at a lecture with one of my study buddies. It became late and I hadn’t eaten since the morning. We decided to go to McDonalds for their coffee. Their coffee is pretty good although the milk is pure toxic crap. I noticed a very inviting looking piece of carrot cake. I have a sweet tooth and carrot cake is up there for me. Well, it turned out, the cake had no discernible favour and the following morning I woke up with dandruff such as I had never seen before and hair dropping out once again. It took me a day and a half to rid my body of the vile crap McDonalds had put in their food before my hair stabilised and for the dandruff to just to disappear. So it took a day and half for my body to excrete the crap from just one little piece of McDonalds food.

The preservatives and goodness knows what other rubbish they put in their food I’ll never know. But it proves one thing for absolutely certain. The murdering of our hair follicle roots so that the hair fails out is completely the result of toxic ‘food safe’ manmade chemicals mimicking food favours and lack of any actual usable food nutrients. In fact the McDonalds carrot cake being sold as ‘carrot cake’ should be declared a fraud under the Trade Descriptions Act.

Alopecia is not a condition. The rotting hair follicle roots and dandruff are a result of the so called food technologist not knowing a single thing about food, just how to make money and ‘who’ cares about the outcome.

A bald head is a sign of weak male gene expression. It usually leads to a shortened life and a rapid ageing appearance. It being a solar panel for the brain is a sad joke just as the condition of ‘alopecia’ is a diversion to distract the balding from taking action and to begin feeding themselves more often with actual food.

Depending on a persons metabolism and their oxidation status along with the degree of their food imbalances depends on the extent of the rapid ageing signals the body gives out. Alopecia though is just our body telling us we are ageing rapidly. It’s a toxic chemical load imbalance without an adequate supply of proper food nutrients and any honest medical practitioner should simply tell us so. It has nothing to do with our genes, it’s all to do with how our brain has been cleansed and twisted by the cynical marketing of lifestyle chemicals. In the 1960’s and 70’s we had been warned to be aware of this brainwashing Russia was doing to us. But it was not them at all. It was the Americans all along and we are now the most successfully brainwashed people world wide and it all happened while we where distracted looking at the Russians who it turns out were too busy struggling with their own day to day survival. In the process we have become successfully rendered brain dead, our thinking processes and our lives completely reliant on complete fraud. We have had our normality, humanity and thinking processes stripped away and replaced with chemicals, hate, intolerance and avarice and our reprogramming is dished up night and day through the schools, universities, radio, television and newspapers ensuring we are under control, murdering, raping and stealing our way through life. Or is it all an illusion, are the chemicals in our houses, workplaces, rivers, oceans, soil, all food, yes that’s all food and medicines on and in our bodies really, really good for us? Yeh right!

Mankind never thought so and us now putting all our beliefs, hopes and money into this manmade chemical crap that our life knows it is not good for us or the planet is so well disguised we don’t even know we are doing it although we see the suffering it all causes all around us. But it’s making lots and lots of money. We know that for sure but are never told the truth about any of it because we’re kept too busy just trying to grab our share, somehow it’s never there when we go to collect. And on the way we all lose bits and pieces of our mental and physical health and wellness before finally completely and sadly letting go because the pain threshold caused by these toxic chemicals becomes too much in the end and the money's run off somewhere, usually to the people who cause the pain.

So much for who and what we have come to believe in. Somehow we have found the wrong Gods to worship.